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The Mindy Project 2×13 “L.A.” Recap


This is the first episode in the two-part winter finale and it all takes place in L.A. while the doctors and Morgan, sans Jeremy, are there for a conference.

Before Mindy leaves though, Cliff tells her that he’s getting kicked out of his apartment because they’re turning it into an Asbestos Museum. Mindy offers to let him move in with her, but he seems to cringe at the idea. She doesn’t think it’s too soon for them to be moving in because at that time in her relationship with Casey, they were already sharing a tent. He doesn’t like to hear about her relationship with Casey, but he says he’ll think about moving in with her.

On the plane, Danny discloses to Morgan that he’s afraid of being in L.A. because he doesn’t want to encounter his dad, who lives there. Once in L.A., Danny spends the days in his hotel until Morgan checks him out and into his own hotel at the Y.M.C.A. He doesn’t want Danny to miss a nice vacation in L.A.

Meanwhile, Peter and Mindy are shopping around L.A. when Mindy finds Casey in a high-end store, looking not like Pastor Casey at all. He now owns a sneaker company, lives by the beach, and is very happy. Mindy then tries to show Casey that she’s content too by telling him she’s moving in with her boyfriend. Casey assumes it’s the handsome one at her work, which makes Mindy stop and look at him, until he says Morgan. I was freaking out too, Mindy. Casey then invites her to a party later that night.

In an effort to make his love for Maria Menounos known, Peter goes to her show until he finds out that she’s in Hawaii with her boyfriend. Peter asks if they can give her something he has for her when she returns, but as he’s taking his hand out of his coat, the news anchor yells that he has a gun, causing him to be taken out of the building.

That night, Cliff calls Mindy with the news that he’s found an apartment to stay at, and although Mindy’s a little taken aback, she’s alright with it. She then tells Cliff about how she saw Casey, which causes Cliff to get a little jealous when he tells her that she shouldn’t go have dinner with him or anything. She tells him she wouldn’t go to an actual restaurant, but I guess this means she can go to his party, right? That’s what Peter and Mindy end up doing.

At the party, Morgan and Danny are enjoying a tour very much like the one at Universal Studios. As they’re walking through the Old West set, Morgan tells Danny that he called his dad and they’re going to have dinner tomorrow. Apparently Richie put Morgan up to this. Shocked, Danny calls Richie, who encourages him to go see their Dad. Danny leaves Morgan to find a room for the night by himself.

With nowhere to go, Morgan goes to the party to ask Peter for his room key. Peter gives it to him, but at the cost of getting back into the party. They don’t let him back in despite the fact he just walked out.

Mindy’s phone ends up running out of battery, so she decides to jump into the pool. She had gone the whole party successfully avoiding Casey, until he gets into the pool with her. They talk about Cliff and his not wanting to move in with Mindy, so Casey tells Mindy, “What’s meant to be is meant to be.” That’s nice, that is, until Casey takes off his bathing suit because he thinks they’re about to have sex. That’s Mindy’s cue to leave the party.

In his room at the Y.M.C.A., Danny calls Mindy for advice, but she doesn’t answer. He then musters up his courage by drinking some alcohol before he calls his dad. Can someone give Messina an award for his acting already? Jeez.

Back in Mindy’s hotel room, she finally gets a chance to charge her phone and she sees a bunch of missed calls from Cliff. She calls him back to find out that someone took a picture of her and Casey in the pool at the party and Cliff saw it. Cliff breaks up with her because she promised him she wouldn’t see him. He can’t trust her, and working as a divorce attorney, he knows that that’s what eventually leads to a breakup. Oof. Poor Mindy. Hopefully things will go better for her in next week’s episode.

Memorable Moments

“L.A.’s the worst. No decent pizza, no NFL team, no one reads.” “Okay, Joan Didion. Cause you read like three airport Dad novels.” “Those are complex thrillers.” – Danny and Mindy

Mindy dreaming on the plane.

“Wait a minute, is your phone on?! Turn it off. You’re gonna crash the plane!” “They only say that so the pilots can hog all the internet.” – Danny and Mindy

“This is our last night in Los Angeles. The city of angeles.” – Morgan

“Who’d you just lie to?” – Peter

“I’m at a nightclub. It’s a Taylor Lautner appreciation party.” – Richie