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The Mindy Project 2×12 “Danny Castellano Is My Personal Trainer” Recap



The short hiatus is over and we finally get new episodes of The Mindy Project for another month! …And then there’s an even longer hiatus, but we can think about that when the time comes…

This episode dealt with Mindy’s self-esteem and body image. She’s never been comfortable enough to be fully naked around any man. She always finds ways to cover herself while having sex – she hides under the sheets, pretends she’s really into blindfolds, and even hides in the shadow of candlelight à la Phantom of the Opera. So, you can imagine her feelings when Cliff invites her to a ski lodge. Where there will be a hot tub. Where she will have to wear a bikini. She decides then that she must get in shape.

She “hires” Morgan to be her personal trainer, but that doesn’t end up well, as he spits on her face. She then turns to Danny for help, as he goes to the gym every day. Danny ends up being the only person who can get Mindy to truly work out because he gets across to her using examples. He tells her that there’s been an earthquake and Leonardo DiCaprio needs to be saved from the wreckage, so she has to do push-ups to push away the rubble. She does a push-up! He continues with this technique for several days and it works.

On one of these days, Mindy walks into the steam room fully naked to find Danny sitting there with a towel around himself. I’d just like to point out that Danny is officially the first man to ever see her fully naked, but that’ll come up later. Danny throws her his towel so she can cover herself, but she ends up throwing it on the floor on account of his “genital sweat.” As they both pick it up, Mindy’s hair ends up getting stuck on his watch. Once free, she runs away, but slips on the wet floor. Danny runs to her, but ends up standing right on top of her head.

Meanwhile, Jeremy has gotten sick and gets Peter to cover as acting manager for him while he’s on sick leave. Peter goes into this very confidently, but ends up stress eating just like Jeremy. He has to deal with things like Morgan and Tamra fighting over a table, an owl flying into the office when he opens the window, and Tamra ordering 1,000 boxes of gloves rather than 1,000 gloves.

In an effort to get Jeremy back, he goes to his apartment to find him clearly not sick and hanging out with two women. He says he needed this “me” time, but he does give Peter some advice before he heads back; he has to get his workers to respect him. Although Jeremy’s returned, Peter gets things back to normal by getting rid of the owl and having Betsy call maintenance to fix the heat.

Back in her office, Mindy attempts to gain some self-confidence by standing in front of her mirror naked. She seems to be pretty confident, that is, until she finds the owl perched atop her lamp. When she screams, Danny runs in and once again sees her naked as the owl flies out of the room.

After that incident, Mindy walks into Danny’s office to tell him that he can’t find anything new to criticize about her body because she’s already heard it all from the mean girls in school and she knows she should probably lose 15 pounds. She continues to spew off her physical insecurities, one being that she has a Swastika-shaped scar on her back, until Danny cuts her off. He understands that she’s self-conscious, but she has no reason to be. His only criticism is that she shouldn’t suck in her stomach because it makes her look nervous and constipated. “You’re a woman and that’s good. Look like a woman.”

I mean, if you didn’t love Danny already, then you’ve got to now. Character development? You’re doing it right. It’s amazing to see how much he’s changed since the Pilot when he told her to lose 15 pounds. Now, he’s gotten to know her and he cares about her because she’s Mindy. Mindy’s spent all this time worrying and obsessing over what other men would think about her body, when she didn’t have to be. He doesn’t criticize her harshly at all, but appreciates her. He knows she’ll probably always have her insecurities, but he’ll love them just the same.

Memorable Moments

“You’re on Prozac? I knew you were crazy!” “This is Prilosec, for heartburn.” “I don’t have my glasses on, babe!” – Mindy and Cliff

“Guys, over the holiday, I had 5 hams and a goose like I am a wolf in a children’s story.” – Mindy

“I’m on Timber. That’s an app for loggers looking for trouble.” – Beverly

“Face: Pretty good. Your torso: awesome. Your legs: stunning. Your feet: disgusting!” – Mindy to Danny

“You can help me by forgetting you ever saw me naked. You will suppress this memory. The way that you suppressed the memory of your priest molesting you when you were an altar boy.” “That never happened!” “Perfect.” – Mindy and Danny

“I found owl-y and I put him in a towel-y.” – Morgan

“Whoa, Mindy, is that you? I didn’t recognize you with your clothes on!” “That’s my hilarious line from Weiner Night. Get an original zing for once in your li– *sees paper on desk* Did you write it down?!” – Danny and Mindy