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The Good Wife 5×11 “Goliath and David” Recap

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In “Goliath and David,” Alicia and Cary face off against Will in a case involving copyright infringement.

Last year, Glee took singer-songwriter Jonathan Coulton’s cover version of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” – using his melody and arrangements – and passed it off as their own. It’s kind of like the Inception of music, doing a cover version of somebody else’s cover, except Glee basically did the exact same cover as Coulton without giving him any credit. Glee also did the same thing with Greg Laswell’s cover of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper, and there’s probably even more examples of Glee ripping off other artists’ covers.

Point being, there’s no question that tonight’s episode of The Good Wife was inspired by that very same controversy. Matthew Lillard and Christopher Fitzgerald play struggling musicians who ask Alicia and Cary to sue a TV show (heavily inspired by Glee) for ripping off their cover version of a hip-hop song. As soon as Will finds out about it, he volunteers to represent the opposing party along with Burl Preston, played by Academy Award winner F. Murray Abraham.

Of course, Will’s primary motivation is to get under Alicia’s skin since he still feels burned by her decision to leave the firm in “Hitting the Fan.” They quarrel in the courtroom like any two exes, both resorting to childlike tactics to throw the other one off their ‘game.’ (Although, to be fair, Will totally started it.)

While Alicia and Cary ultimately win the case, the tension and complicated feelings between Alicia and Will hasn’t been resolved. This will have to come to a boil at some point this season, and I hope it’s sooner rather than later. Their sexual tension-filled feud could easily grow stale and repetitive.

Meanwhile, the episode picks up right where last month’s “The Decision Tree” ended – Marilyn (Melissa George) telling Eli that she’s going to name her unborn son ‘Peter.’ Turns out her baby daddy’s name is also Peter. Although she says it’s a complete coincidence, Eli goes into a tizzy about Peter potentially being the father of Marilyn’s baby. (And given Peter’s reputation as a sleazy politician who sleeps with prostitutes, his concern is not entirely unfounded.) He asks Kalinda to get to the bottom of it, eventually finding out the truth from Marilyn herself by the end of the episode.

Turns out Peter is not the father (it’s some wrinkly old Hollywood producer), but by the time this news gets to Eli, there’s already a bigger scandal brewing. Someone has video evidence that Peter’s election was rigged, and the preview for next week’s episode shows the characters having to deal with this.

My only complaint about “Goliath and David” has to do with Kalinda and the storyline they’ve stuck her with. In fact, that’s been my biggest complaint about the past two seasons overall. The writers don’t seem to know what to do with her anymore, except to have her hook up with random women and then become emotionally closed off and noncommittal. We’ve seen this before with Lana Delaney, the FBI agent, and we’re seeing it again this season – this time with Damian’s detective friend, Jenna (Jordana Spiro), whom I don’t particularly care for. Even Kalinda’s conflict with Damian Boyle is reminiscent of the storyline with her ex-husband, Nick. The writers need to come up with something better for her; I also miss her friendship with Alicia.

All in all, “Goliath and David” was a very lighthearted and filler-y episode.

Memorable Moments

  • Will: So you decided to change?
    Alicia: Yup, into what I wore the night you banged me the first time.
    Will: That’s pretty low of you.
    Alicia: I know. I wasn’t so discriminating back then.
  • I knew Peter wasn’t going to be the father, but I was not expecting Marilyn’s baby daddy to be some crusty old white dude. Yikes.
  • How great is Robyn? Yet again, she was Florrick/Agos’ MVP. They should give her a promotion.
  • Matthew Lillard was great, too. Loved the moment where he asked for a different chair.
  • I hope we never have to see Will’s hippie girlfriend again.
  • Needs more Diane.

Grade: B