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Teen Wolf 3×15 “Galvanize” Recap


You know the drill, folks. Top ten moments of this week’s Teen Wolf – ready, set, go!

1. Teen Wolf goes full-on Criminal Minds on us

Infamous serial killer child bomber Barrows needs surgery and nearly every hospital has refused to take him, save for the one where Mama McCall works. She is also the one who has to do the murderer’s pre-op interview. Is she seriously the only nurse in this entire hospital capable of doing any amount of medical stuff whatsoever? Cut the woman a break sometimes.

During the interview, Barrows tells a horrified Mama McCall that the reason why he bombed those kids was because he saw their eyes were glowing – and that if he were able to get out, he’d do it all over again.

2. Mischief Night

This is apparently the day before Halloween, when all the cool kids play pranks (and I have never heard of this tradition before in my life, because back in my day EVERY night was Mischief Night). Regardless, this leads to a series of hilarious moments with Coach, as well as a #1 Coach mug that proves Greenberg is still madly in love with the grump. At least someone appreciates the guy.

Sidebar: Scott’s little giggle after he scares Stiles in the locker room is everything. I love him. I love him so much.

3. Return of the Asshole Twins

Ethan and Aiden are in desperate need of both an Alpha and a pack, because being stranded as Omegas leaves them open to a whole lot of hurt. They reach out to Scott and co., but True Alpha Scott, True Sidekick Stiles, and Scarf Addict Isaac all give them unanimous “no” answers. The twins then decide to return to high school in a bid to convince Scott they mean well, because they’re as good as dead on their own (plus they want to get back in Lydia and Danny’s pants).

4. Scott/Kira developments

Stiles encourages Scott to get out there with his bad self when he notices Scott’s eyes lingering on Kira in the school halls. Kira, meanwhile, continues to not have friends (a travesty, to be quite honest) and adorably hangs out with her father during lunch, where she tells Papa Yukimura that she doesn’t really want to date anyone right now, anyway. Scott overhears this with his wolfy powers and gets sad puppy eyes.

Later, Papa Yukimura invites Scott to dinner with him and Kira, because he is a wily little shipper. We also get to meet Mama Yukimura, who eyes her husband and daughter’s antics with a knowing smirk.

5. Lydia’s dead people senses are tingling

While in class, Lydia hears the sound of buzzing, which apparently no one else can hear. This is our only warning that spooky shit is about to happen before the scene segues into Barrows having his surgery – and then flies burst out of his wound, he wakes up from anesthesia, kills the doctor, escapes, steals an ambulance and drives straight to the nearest school. Which just so happens to be Scott’s high school, obviously.

6. Derek and Peter continue their somewhat out of place storyline

Elsewhere, Derek stitches Peter’s finger back on post-torture session then finally shows us what’s in the spiral box that Braeden got them at the end of last week’s episode: Talia aka Mama Hale’s claws. Derek needs to communicate with her from beyond the grave, and needs Peter’s help with a ritual in order to do so.

After Peter uses his claws to pierce the back of Derek’s neck, Derek has a vision of his mother, Talia. What that vision entails, we don’t yet know, because apparently this storyline is going to be dragged out for as long as humanly possible.

7. The Pack springs into action

The police clear the building and leave, but Lydia tells the Pack that the buzzing of flies she still hears confirms that Barrows is still hiding somewhere. The werewolves, including the trying-to-be-useful twins, use their sense of smell to track Barrows down, while Allison and Isaac look up fly-people in the bestiary. Why they can’t just Google the thing instead of flipping through a 1000 page book in archaic Latin is beyond me. C’mon folks, Google has nearly everything.

Lydia and Stiles, meanwhile, figure out that Barrows plans to blow up the entire school, and pull the fire alarm to evacuate the school.

8. Nighttime investigation with amateur sleuths

Stiles and Lydia continue their investigation later that night at Stiles’ house. (I’m surprised by how great this blossoming friendship/dynamic duo is becoming.) Something Lydia says ends up being the breakthrough they needed, so the two of them break into their school and find proof that Barrows was there after all: staples and a pool of blood on the ground of the chemical storage room. Barrows had used chemicals to mask his scent from the werewolves, which explains why they couldn’t track him down earlier.

They also find something else even more worrying: Lydia recognizes some numbers on the chalkboard as atomic numbers, and carefully decodes the message.The result? KIRA. Ruh-roh, homegirl’s in trouble.

9. Kira is in T-R-O-U-B-L-E

Kira walks Scott to his bike after their sort-of-kind-of-date, and after a really sweet exchange, Scott is knocked off his bike by Barrows, using a crowbar and the element of surprise. Coming off the cuteness of the preceding scene, I was so not expecting that to happen – and I think my stress levels just kicked up a giant notch because how dare he hit Scott. How dare.

Scott wakes up hazily to find Lydia and Stiles informing him of what he already knows: Barrows was targeting Kira the whole time, and now he’s carted her off to who knows where. At Stiles’ encouragement, Lydia lets out a scream… and hears the sound of electricity. Barrows used to be an electrical engineer who worked at a power substation, and that must be where he took Kira.

10. The rescue mission… might not have been necessary

Barrows monologues to Kira about why he did what he did: he saw children with glowing eyes, and tried to tell the world, but no one believed him. So now he intends to prove it to everyone by killing a bunch of children. Yeah okay dude, your plan is awful.

Scott, Stiles, and Lydia arrive to rescue Kira from the guy’s clutches, but when Barrows applies electricity to Kira’s body, a burst of energy goes through the room – and Kira emerges, unbound and unharmed, with balls of electricity bursting around her hands.

Meanwhile at the Argent household, Isaac ends up trapped in a room with demons in masks as Allison and Papa Argent try to get him out. Ooh, cliffhanger.

Rating: A-

Memorable Quotes

Stiles: You’re an alpha, okay? You are the apex predator. Everyone wants you, you’re like the hot girl that every guy wants.
Scott: I’m a hot girl?
Stiles: You are the hottest girl.
Scott: …I’m a hot girl!
Isaac: Yes, you are.

Coach: If I were four years younger, I would punch you!

Kira: Scott, what happened to your wasabi?
Scott: [choking and coughing] I thought it was guacamole.

Papa Argent: [after walking in on Isaac and Allison with no shirts on] Allison, can I see you in my office? Where I keep my guns.

Barrows: Have you ever seen a movie called Village of the Damned? The original, not the remake, nobody cares about crappy remakes. [my thoughts exactly, Barrows]