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Teen Wolf 3×13 “Anchors” Recap


And we’re back to recap the latest demon-infested season of Teen Wolf!

Continuing from where we left off last time (Kali dead, Jennifer dead, Deucalion with his eyesight restored and left alive for some unfathomable reason so he can presumably fuck shit up another day, and Peter reveals himself to still be an evil son of a bitch – big surprise there), this episode introduces drama both old and new. Let’s count down 10 memorable moments from “Anchors,” shall we?

1. Nightmares galore!

Following the events at the end of season 3A, Stiles, Scott, and Allison are plagued by darkness in the form of scarily realistic nightmares – something that Dr. Deaton had warned them about before they decided to sacrifice themselves to stop the bad guyz.

Stiles gets a dream-within-a-dream-within-a-dream-within-a-dream, to the point where he has no idea what’s real and what isn’t (quick, someone make a photoset with everyone as Inception characters!). Allison dreams herself into the hospital morgue, where her crazy undead auntie Kate seems to be trying to claw her way back to life, while Scott sees his wolf in every shadow, haunting his every move.

2. Isaac/Allison/Scott is unfortunately still a thing

So our boy Isaac still lives with Scott and Mama McCall. He’s also frantically trying to make sure everything is okay with new alpha/best friend/potential lover Scott because of how Isaac and Allison ~bonded in the last season. Guys, can you all just stop fighting, turn this into the polyamorous relationship it’s been heading towards and call it a day?

3. Back 2 school

Whenever we actually see the teens of Teen Wolf in a class, the teacher is always knee deep in some fucked up shit. First that douchey chemistry teacher, then Jennifer, now this guy Yukimura? Three times is a pattern, folks.

Besides being a history teacher, Mr. Yukimura is also new spunky teen character Kira’s father. I hereby dub thee Papa Yukimura.

4. Frieeeeeends

The waking nightmares continue, but at least now Allison, Scott, and Stiles have the power of friendship to stave off the terror!

Stiles is having trouble reading English, instead seeing strange symbols in place of letters and numbers, while Scott’s eyes turn alpha red in the middle of a crowded hallway as a curious Kira looks on. Luckily, Stiles is able to get Scott out of sight of classmates as he begins to turn.

Meanwhile, Allison and Lydia have an archery lesson that almost turns deadly when Allison shoots off an arrow right at Lydia’s head that was intended for a Kate hallucination. Isaac appears out of nowhere to stop the arrow.

5. Father/son bonding

Papa Stilinski updates Stiles on what he’s been doing – namely, going through all of his old cases from a “more illuminated perspective.” Did he just make a werewolf/moonlight pun? If he did, I officially love him a million times more than I already did.

One case that he’s particularly stuck on involves a young girl named Malia Tate, who at the time was believed to have been dragged away from a car wreck by coyotes – but because the attack happened on a full moon…

6. Official Kira intro! 

As Scott, Allison, Stiles, Isaac, and Lydia (Scott’s Pack? Team McCall? The Supernatural Wonders?) try to figure out what to do about the nightmares, Kira walks up and explains the whole state-between-life-and-death thing. How very useful and convenient of her character.

7. Aww yiss, mothafuckin’ Deaton

He’s already practically an encyclopedia of supernatural knowledge, now he knows sign language and is a master of riddles too! Deaton translates one of Stiles’ dreams where everyone communicated in sign language, and informs Scott and Stiles that after they died, turned on Beacon Hills’ crazy shit beacon, and came back to life, they also opened a door into their minds – a door that they really, really need to close.

8. We now take a hard left into Murder Investigation territory

Papa Stilinski, still plagued by the Tate case, asks for Scott’s help in tracking down Malia Tate’s scent. If it turns out the car accident really was an accident, then he can rest easy; if it was a werewolf attack, then Papa Stilinski intends on bringing that murderer to justice.

They head to the Tate family house, where the only survivor – Malia’s father – lives alone. As Papa Stilinski distracts him with questions, Scott and Stiles go through Malia’s room looking for a scent to track, but it’s been way too long since the attack.

9. Agent McCall is here to stay

Scott’s absent father hasn’t earned the title of “Papa” yet, so all he gets is “Agent” – especially now that he’s trying to get Papa Stilinski fired for not doing his job well enough. Furious, Scott almost loses control in front of Agent McCall, but thankfully the ever-fantastic Mama McCall is able to talk him down by getting him to find his anchor.

This leads to a great moment: having lost Allison, his first anchor, Scott becomes his own anchor, then listens as his mother tells him comfortingly that people fall in love more than once, and it’ll happen to him again. Awww!

10. And we’re back full circle!

“Anchors” ends the way the series first started – with Scott and Stiles looking for a dead body in the woods. Yay, callbacks!

They eventually find the remains of the car wreck, before something appears in the shadows staring at them. Scott gives chase and comes face to face with a small wolf. Malia?!

And one more callback before the episode finishes: as Scott texts Derek for backup, we discover him and Peter shirtless, chained up, and being tortured with electricity by an unknown assailant. Again.

Grade: B-