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PSY Is Collaborating with Snoop Dogg


psySouth Korean pop star PSY is looking to make a comeback since his song “Gangnam Style” went viral.

After “Gangnam Style” became a huge hit in the U.S. and internationally, making “Oppan Gangnam style” one of the most quotable song lyrics of 2012, PSY went on to appear on EllenThe Tonight Show, and Britain’s Got Talent. His follow-up “Gentleman” didn’t do nearly as well, giving some credence to the idea that he was just a one-hit wonder, but PSY says that the song wasn’t suited for him.

With his upcoming album, PSY says that he’s returning to his roots. He’s planning to shoot multiple music videos, and one will feature a cameo by Snoop Dogg himself; Snoop will also appear on a track.

“Gangnam Style” remains the most watched video on YouTube of all-time, with more than 1.8 billion views.

(Via: Soompi)