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‘Community’ Season 5 Episode 4 Recap: “Cooperative Polygraphy”

In this bottle episode, the study group must deal with the aftermath of Pierce’s death and funeral. They are to receive what Pierce has bequeathed to them, if they are able to answer some questions left behind by Pierce using Polygraph tests. These questions, asked by Mr. Stone (Justified‘s Walton Goggins), are to test whether anyone in the group and Chang murdered him.

The questions start off easily enough, but when the group listens to the answers given, they get offended. For example, when Britta finds out that Troy and Abed have a Doomsday plan she gets mad that she wasn’t included. The arguments start to get worse until the group ends up yelling at each other for whatever they’ve done.

Mr. Stone calls them back to order, but the group decides as a whole that they’re not going through the interrogation process anymore. That’s when Mr. Stone states that those who are cleared of Pierce’s murder (through answering the questions), are able to receive what he’s left for them, and remember, his estate is worth over $20 million. So, clearly, the group decides to continue the questioning.

The questions and answers get worse. Shirley replaced the tofu in her sandwiches with meat, Britta got high at Shirley’s son’s baptism, Jeff keeps items of his sexual conquests, Troy and Abed’s handshake isn’t original (but from a best friend vlog), Abed planted tracking devices on everyone in the group, and Annie drugged her friends so they’d get an A on their Anthropology final. It gets even worse and they start fighting again. They stop long enough for Jeff to tell the group that they should just accept their flaws because they want Pierce’s money. It’s as simple as that. They go around the table confessing other things like Shirley knowing she’s a passive aggressive person and that Troy has never actually gone to Disneyland.

Mr. Stone then gives them the final round of questions, which are surprisingly very kind. To Britta, he asks if she knows that she hates herself more than she should and her passion inspired him; he leaves her his Nano iPod and a cylinder of his sperm. To Shirley he tells her that he was intimidated by her business ethic; he leaves her his time share in Florida and a cylinder of his sperm. To Annie, he tells her that she’s his favorite and he leaves a tiara and a cylinder of his sperm. To Jeff, he asks if he knows he’s gay and he leaves him a bottle of fine scotch and a cylinder of his sperm. He asks Abed if he knows he’s crazy and then gives him a cylinder of his sperm. And to Troy, he asks if he knows that he has the heart of a hero and he shouldn’t waste it. He leaves his sperm and the rest of his shares in the Hawthorne Wipes Company, but only if Troy sails his boat around the world alone.

So this is how Troy (Donald Glover) is going to leave the show next week. The episode ends on a very depressing note because the group, of course, doesn’t want Troy to leave. When asked about it, Abed responds with, “Cool. Cool, cool, cool.”

The polygraph test shows he doesn’t mean it.

Memorable Moments

“Troy and Abed are in mourning.” – Troy and Abed

“When you reach Level 16, you can see the color Blurple.” – Troy

“Have you ever masturbated in the study room?” Chang walks away. – Mr. Stone to Chang

“When we’re alone, Shirley refers to you guys as ‘those people.’” – Troy