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‘Community’ Season 5 Premiere Recap: “Repilot” & “Introduction to Teaching”

What’s a more perfect way to start off the new year than with our favorite study group for their 5th season? Not to mention Dan Harmon is also back and we get two new episodes. And they’ve never felt more like their normal Community self.

Community 5×01 “Repilot”

First off, we’ve got the “Repilot.” It starts off with a cheesy commercial featuring Jeff Winger as a superhero lawyer. We pull away to find Jeff in a dirty, empty office. Jeff’s lawyer career hasn’t been doing well at all. It seems like there’s nothing left to do until Alan (Rob Corddry), Jeff’s partner, comes in asking him for help in suing Greendale. Apparently Greendale gave a degree to a sketchy engineer who built a faulty bridge that ended up collapsing. It is now Jeff’s job to find his records to ultimately take down Greendale.

Unfortunately for Jeff, the Dean got rid of all of those incriminating records, leaving Jeff to think up a different way to sue the school. All that’s left to do is to convince his old study group, sans Pierce, to sue Greendale because it ruined their lives. This is easy to do since the study group’s been left in a vulnerable state. Annie works for a pharmaceutical company despite studying hospital administration, Britta’s working as a bartender despite studying psychology, Troy’s waiting for Abed to create the new billion-dollar social media app so he can sue him, Abed is doing programming despite studying film, and Shirley’s husband Andre and her sons left her because she devoted too much time and money to Shirley’s Sandwiches.

This power over them brings back the old evil Jeff as he gets them all to sign a paper deciding to sue the school. While Jeff is on his way to give the paper to the Dean, the rest of the group decides to burn their study room table. Jeff encounters a hologram of Pierce inviting him to go to Pierce Hawthorne’s Museum of Gender Sensitivity and Sexual Potency on the quad. He continues on to tell Jeff to not turn his back on Greendale because it’s a special place. “It gives crappy people a chance to sort themselves out.” This makes Jeff change his mind so he hands the Dean the signatures as a warning to him that there are people who care about Greendale and he’d basically better not mess it up. Oh, and Jeff has also been recruited as a teacher at Greendale.

Jeff then goes back to the rest of the group where they all decide to pursue what it is they really want to do in their lives.

Memorable Quotes

“That son of a bitch! After everything Scrubs did for him!” – Troy talking about Zach Braff

“Do you guys feel weird doing this without… Magnitude?” – Troy (Best way to deal with Pierce’s absence)

“I’m much sadder than the rest of you. I will figure out why later.” – Troy

“Do we all have to say something?” – Britta as she’s signing the paper to sue Greendale

Community 5×02 “Introduction to Teaching”

Photo: NBC

As for the second episode, “Introduction to Teaching,” it focuses primarily on Jeff adjusting to his new life as a teacher to the class “Fundamentals of Law.” He has to deal with students thinking he “leers” rather than smiles at them and has to deal with trash talking Leonard who is now sporting an earring.

He shares an office with the Criminology teacher, Buzz Hickey, played by Jonathan Banks. Hickey introduces him to the very easy life of being a Greendale teacher, that is until Jeff finds out he has Annie in his class. She doesn’t let him get away with his slacking off and makes him learn what it is he’s teaching them.

He complains about her to Hickey who then tells him to give Annie a bunch of A-‘s so she’ll drop the class. Jeff doesn’t seem to like the sound of this, even more so when he finds out that Hickey gave Annie an A-.

Jeff tells Annie that A-‘s are really just A’s, but the “-” is because the teacher doesn’t like you, which compels Annie to tell the whole school that “-“’s don’t count. Everyone decides to riot, chanting “slightly higher grades!”

While Jeff is busy trying to learn how to be a teacher while having to deal with these A-‘s, Abed is busy in his new class, “Nicholas Cage: Good or Bad.” He goes insane trying to answer the question whether Nicholas Cage is a good or bad actor. He even does a perfect imitation of him, yelling and stomping around the classroom like Cage for a good two minutes.

Afterward, he has a very sweet conversation with Shirley where she tells him that people aren’t random and pointless, but they’re just “mysterious.” Sometimes you don’t have to figure someone out.

After the riot, a Student-Teacher Alliance is formed with Professor Hickey and the rest of the study group. The episode ends with all 7 of them, yes 7, eating lunch together.

Memorable Quotes

“I am learning Excel!” – Dean Pelton

“When I asked you to explain the 6th Amendment, you pled the 5th!” – Annie

“I think [Nicholas Cage] is a genius. I mean, he keeps getting hired for some reason and it’s not because of his hair.” – Troy

“An A- means you actually earned an A, but the teacher doesn’t like you… it’s a secret faculty thing.” – Jeff

“Et tu brute?!… Am I using that right?” – Troy