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Castle 6×14 “Dressed to Kill” Early Review


With the Castle episode “Dressed to Kill” moved from its original January 27, 2014 air date to February 3, to benefit the February sweeps, reviewers got an early look at this episode.

What could have been a straightforward murder in the fashion world turned more heartfelt and moving. This was all courtesy of Stana Katic’s portrayal of Kate Beckett as she comes to terms with the absence of her mother during the life changing event in her life – her wedding.

Castle writer Elizabeth Beall has had some ups and downs as a writer for the show with a major low being the abysmal season four episode “Heartbreak Hotel.” She hit pay dirt with this episode as she painted a great portrait of Richard Castle and Kate Beckett as a couple. There were heartfelt conversations, sharing and kisses by the love-struck pair – something that has been severely lacking in previous episodes.

The closing scene was like reading a fan fiction story. I had to remind myself it was not made up by fans, that what Kate Beckett said to Castle was canon.

There was so much heart and longing. And though there was a stretch, in the middle of the episode, where Castle and Beckett were not in scenes together, the balance in the rest of the episode made the absence less noticeable.

Balance, that is the word I would use for this episode. Many of the other Castle writers should take note on how Beall wrote Castle and Beckett. I felt a real connection between the two, and we also got some amazing scenes with Martha – both with Castle and Beckett and with Castle and herself.

Another note on the balance, Ryan and Esposito were used the way they are supposed to be used, as supporting characters. And the episode flowed so much better when the writers didn’t have to try and shoehorn Alexis in an episode. Oh, wait, you mean she wasn’t instantly interested in fashion and happened to show up interning at the magazine? Thank goodness she wasn’t.

What To Look For

  • Beckett in a wedding dress
  • Wedding venue talk
  • Beckett back at her apartment
  • The heartbreaking look on Beckett’s face when she misses her mom
  • Understanding Castle
  • The end scene – pure shipper gold