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Castle 6×12 “Deep Cover” Recap


This week’s Castle episode “Deep Cover” was a perfectly balanced episode.

There was some fun and intense Castle and Beckett moments, Castle and Beckett had some great interaction with his mother Martha, there was teasing banter between Beckett and Ryan returning from paternity leave, and lest we forget, there was the return of Castle’s father, Jackson Hunt.

The blending of the characters and the story was seamless and reminded many viewers why they fell in love with the Castle series in the first place. The veteran Castle writer Terrence Paul Winter penned the episode and proved he truly knows these characters.

After the traditional opening scene of seeing the murder victim, the episode switches to Castle and Beckett trying to set a wedding date. It is nice to see them finally talking about setting a date, though it would also be nice to see Kate Beckett finally move into Castle’s loft full-time.

When it seems almost impossible to pick a date that will work with everyone’s schedule, including Beckett’s father who will be traveling to Europe in late fall, Martha comes up with an easy fix. The always breezy Martha informs the couple that they are in love and they should just go to city hall, get married and get it over with. Castle and Beckett decide they will continue and look for a date.

The murder victim leads Castle and Beckett to a financial company and Castle comes face-to-face with his father. Prior to meeting Castle and Beckett, Hunt calls Castle and tells him something is about to happen and he must remain calm. What happens? Hunt strolls in and introduces himself to Beckett as the head of the company.

After his initial meeting with his father, Castle tried to hide from Beckett he knows the man. His odd behavior piques Beckett’s interest but he just brushes her off. During this time, Beckett finally puts together where she has seen Hunt before – he was identified as the man in Paris when Alexis Castle was kidnapped.

The viewers know it is only a matter of time before Beckett finds out what Castle is hiding, but before that happens, Hunt shows up on Castle’s doorstep having been shot. Hunt’s arrival also reunites him with Martha – his one night stand. Martha is cool and collective when they reunite. However, to be fair, all three are wrapped up in trying to extract the bullet from Hunt’s side.

After Castle takes out the bullet from Jackson Hunt’s side, Beckett shows up. Castle could have continued to try and hide Hunt, but he doesn’t. This is a testament to how close Castle and Beckett are. It truly pained him to hide what was going on from Beckett, and when all is revealed, you can see the relief on his face. “The man in the photo is your future father-in-law.”

Jackson Hunt relays all of his covert CIA operation and stresses that the case of the victim Beckett is investigating is tied to his operation. With Hunt sidelined with a bullet wound, Castle and Beckett agree to meet the man who is suspected of stealing and trying to steal a list of all the CIA deep cover spies.

At the New York Library, where the exchange is set to go down, Castle and Beckett find out the guy knew someone was on to him. When Castle goes in search of the guy, who finds him and holds him at gun point, Hunt shows up and stabs him, then he shoots and kills him for good measure.

It is then that Castle realizes Jackson Hunt used himself and Beckett as bait. It is a daunting realization for Castle as he also realizes Hunt moved the murder victim back to the guy’s apartment so he would be in Beckett’s jurisdiction.

As Beckett tries to reassure Castle that maybe Jackson Hunt just wanted to see him again, that is why he set some of this up, Castle has other thoughts. He said he helped Hunt because he saw him as family but he really isn’t. He looks at Beckett and says “you are” – Beckett is his family.

Then a light-bulb seems to come on over his head. After all the talk of a date for the wedding it comes to Castle – September is the best month. It’s not too warm and not too cold and he will work around his book tour dates. Beckett smiles widely and claps her hand – a date is being set for her wedding, she is a part of Castle’s family and she is marrying her best friend.