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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Episode 14 Recap: “The Ebony Falcon”

By Tim O’Halloran

Last night, Brooklyn Nine-Nine kept up their post Golden Globe win with another great episode. This week, we got to see Terry return to the field in a larger capacity by working in a sting op with Jake and Boyle.

And we got an interesting look into the life of Gina after her apartment is broken into.

The episode started off with yet another great BK99 cold open. The game of “Wife or Dog” they played with Scully was one of the funniest bits of the show so far. I hope it’s something they carry throughout the rest of season one until we finally get to see Scully’s wife, or dog – whichever comes first.

Jake is working on busting a black market steroids ring by going undercover at the gym of one of the dealers. The only way they’re going to catch the supplier is to use Terry to go undercover as a trainer. Jake vouches for Terry and says that he’s definitely ready to get back in the field. That is until they go to talk things over at Terry’s place and Jake sees Terry’s two daughters, Cagney and Lacey. Jake can’t handle the idea that this operation might end with Terry getting hurt.

Meanwhile, someone broke into Gina’s apartment. Holt puts Rosa and Amy on the case. Unfortunately, the trail is pretty cold and there isn’t much they can do. Gina, in classic Gina form, doesn’t take this lying down and files a civilian complaint against the two of them.

At the gym, Jake is completely on edge the entire time. He’s pulling old people off of machines to maintain eye contact, but ultimately can’t keep up. Boyle gets really into his role as gym manager, setting up cloud based scheduling as well as a very tasteful water bottle pyramid. In the locker room, Jake finally snaps and blows Terry’s cover by arresting their suspect before they can get any information out of him.

While Terry is interrogating the suspect, Jake and Boyle go to try another sting operation after Boyle’s cloud based scheduling clearly reveals who the supplier is. They leave without Terry knowing.

Gina brings in a P.I. to solve her case, but Holt immediately kicks him out and orders Amy and Rosa into his office. Despite Gina’s gruff exterior, it’s clear that she’s just scared and is having a hard time dealing with the break in.

Back at the gym, Terry shows up, much to the chagrin of Jake. As it turns out, Terry handles himself quite well, and they’re able to get the bust. Rosa and Amy go to Gina’s home and add more locks to her door and windows. To show her appreciation, Gina gives them each a lycra body suit.

This episode did a great job at developing both Terry and Gina. Until now, they’ve both been pretty much one-note characters (Terry being freaked out and Gina being basically emotionless). It did a great job at giving them more characterization.

Grade: A+

Memorable Moments

Rosa: “All they found was some of Mario Lopez’s hair.”
Gina: “Yeah I bought some off Ebay. It’s cool to know it’s real.”

Rosa: “What kind of woman doesn’t have an axe?”

Jake: “I’m not scared for you at all… of you a lot!”