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‘Arrow’ Season 2 Episode 11 Recap: “Blind Spot”

This week’s episode, cannily titled “Blind Spot,” does not chronicle Ollie’s vexing penchant for forgetting to check that infernal spot of death while driving an SUV or minivan. Nor is it an unauthorized sequel to The Blind Side. The former is closer on the mark, but is actually a person that Ollie has a weakness for, one that gets him in trouble. One guess as to who that is. Hint: it’s the same character this SHOW has a blind spot for, never knowing what to do with… her. (Hint: her name will be in  the next sentence.)

Just days after Laurel came to visit Maya Rezik at the insane asylum, Sebastian Blood visits his dear old crazy mum. Maya asks the orderly to stay with them, but the orderly ignores her, and after a creepy chat in which Sebastian finds out that Maya told Laurel everything, Sebastian dons his Scarecrow mask to kill her. When Laurel visited, she told the hospital to alert her of any changes in her condition. Maya is, of course, found dead (her heart “gave out”), right after her not-nephew/son’s visit. No one but Laurel finds it all suspicious, one of the few times our girl is on point. Of course, she’s also popping pills like they’re Altoids (are Altoids still a thing?). She’s convinced that Sebastian killed Maya, and pleads with her boss Assistant DA Adam Donner (Dylan Bruce) to get a warrant. But it’s the same story you’ve seen a hundred times over: Sebastian is too well-respected, the presumptive Mayor of Starling City, and Laurel’s crazy to suggest he’s up to no good. It helps that she is crazy.

Back at the island of Dr. Moreau (or Ivo, as the case may be), Sara wants to take her former employer’s deal: to give him the Mirakuru and get safe passage back home. Ollie is incensed that she’d even suggest such a thing, considering Ivo just murdered Shado. Sara’s explanation: he’s “tired and frustrated,” the kind of defense only a crack shot lawyer can unleash. SERIOUSLY? She’s going to forgive blowing a person’s brains out (when she was also in the crosshairs) because of a lack of sleep? The island justice system is even more out of wack than in the U.S.

Ollie visits Verdant to check on Roy, who’s experiencing post-Mirakuru symptoms, but not letting it on to Thea or anyone. If he ain’t talking to his girlfriend, does Ollie really think Roy’s going to share his turmoil with a guy he hates? When Ollie returns to base, he grumbles to Diggle and Felicity that Roy isn’t the kind of guy who shares his feelings. Diggle raises his eyebrow and delivers the best line of the night: “Not like you or me.” Diggle is the best. As always, that’s about all he gets to do in this episode.

Laurel is determined to get justice, and even goes to her father to contact the Arrow, so Laurel and the Arrow meet on the rooftop to discuss her suspicions about the dirty alderman. She basically tells him that he’s the only one who can save this city. Ugh. Arrow and his crew set about finding the case files from when Sebastian’s Dad was murdered, to see if there is any truth to her story, but doesn’t know where they’d be located in the city’s archives. So, the Arrow calls on Laurel to help him to find them once he breaks in. The result? While Felicity wipes out the cameras, the security reboots the system almost immediately, and somehow there’s no footage of the Arrow or Laurel in the vaults. Even more crazy is the fact that the police respond to security’s distress call nigh instantaneously. Arrow and Laurel manage to escape with the file… only to find it missing or deleted or expunged or whatever term you want to use. Dead end.

Roy, meanwhile, proves Ollie wrong, by sharing his feelings…to Sin (Bex Taylor-Klaus). When Sin arrives, she makes a comment about how suspicious it is that he’s inviting cute girls over when he’s with Thea. My roommate wondered where the cute girl was. I’m not as crass, or over-the-top as my roommate or Roy, who says hello to Sin by smashing his arm through cement. Sin accepts his newfound abilities fairly quickly. Roy wants her to keep it a secret, and for her to be his Oracle, and find problems around the city, so he can dish out beatings. Sin’s far too nice and wonderful for her greasy moniker – yet she must have a magnet for sin, as she manages to find the Starling Slayer, some serial killer murdering hookers, in about 17 minutes. It takes them even less time to find the serial killer, who apparently is a big-time lawyer so no one’s brought any charges against him.

Sin borrows a dress from Thea to play bait, and miraculously, not only does the Starling Slayer choose her out of a lineup, BUT the first car that comes by is indeed the Starling Slayer. What if it was just some John? Sin would’ve been screwed, perhaps literally. Thankfully, we’re saved from that scenario, and Roy tears off the car door and pummels the man. He kicks him across a parking garage and repeatedly punts the guy’s ribs; Sin tries to stop him from killing the guy, and is rewarded with a blow to the face. Roy was seeing red, in Hulk rage mode, and lost himself, taken over by the Mirakuru. Giving Sin a shiner snaps him out of it.

Photo: The CW

The two take the dying killer to the hospital, and somehow he’s not DOA. The nurses call Roy a hero for getting him to the hospital in time, not questioning how he could get there so fast or his involvement. Sin calls in Thea, and tells her the truth: that Roy put this guy (her date) in the hospital. Somehow Thea doesn’t get freaked out at the fact that Roy almost MURDERED SOMEONE, especially when not knowing that the man was a serial killer or threatening Sin’s life, but merely at HOW he managed to kick someone’s ass so thoroughly. They all should be a little bit more freaked out. Roy certainly is, as he breaks down and cries after running away from his gals.

The best parts of this episode come when we see present-day Slade, now Deathstroke, pissed off at Sebastian for his mistakes involving Laurel. Any time I see Manu Bennett in the Deathstroke regalia, kicking ass, I want to cheer. By the end of this episode, we get to see the whole shebang, and it’s pretty awesome.

The pair o’ villains initiate a plan to take care of the problem, using their dirty cop on the inside, Officer Daily (Jesse Hutch), to arrest Laurel for drug possession. They didn’t even need to plant the drugs. At the station, Laurel pleads to her father to listen to her about Sebastian, but is unable to explain the drugs, and sounds like an wacky addict, something Quentin is all too familiar with. Her blood tested positive for opiates, and Lance doesn’t believe her story.

Over yonder to the Mysterious Island, Dr. Ivo (Dylan Neal) and Sara talk over the walkies. Ivo delivers some BS sermon about how it wasn’t he and his ship that rescued Sara, but that she “rescued him.” Pardon me while I vomit. Thankfully, Ivo is just manipulative, and when Sarah rebuffs his offer (“you tortured them for science”), he goes full-on evil on her (calling her an “ungrateful bitch”), and is coming for them and the Mirakuru. But, Ollie heard it all, so now he can trust her. Whew, glad that’s settled… until the next time Sara betrays him. By the way, Slade’s still MIA with the Mirakuru.

Laurel gets bail or is done with her timeout or whatever, and returns to her broken apartment with Ollie. He’s about to go into lecture mode, when he’s knocked out by Brother Blood, left behind because Ollie’s unimportant. Clearly Slade hasn’t told him that Ollie is the Arrow, or they just don’t want to make this easy on everyone. Anyhow, this sets up Laurel as the damsel in distress/kidnapee for about the 14th time, leaving a bloody message for the Arrow on the wall. Then we get a scene between Arrow and Brother Blood, both using their Batman voices and barking at each other, until they come to fisticuffs. Brother Blood almost takes out Arrow…until Laurel puts four bullets in the guy’s chest. They unmask him… and it’s Officer Daily, NOT Sebastian, clearly the baddies’ plan all along. It’s kind of disturbing that a fall guy henchman to the henchman to the Big Bad almost took out Ollie; as he says, Laurel saved his life (at the very least, a neat reversal of the damsel in distress thang).

All of that happened, but that’s not enough for an Arrow episode. Laurel gets fired for her drug problem, and Ollie admits to Felicity and Diggle that Laurel has been his blind spot, that she almost had him believing Sebastian was evil. But he’s putting a stop to that now. The irony, of course being that while Laurel HAS been his blind spot, that Laurel was right for the first time in her life this time.

Across the city, Deathstroke makes his triumphant entrance, murdering all of Blood’s heavies, promising his death if he continues to fail him. It appears that the Deathstroke mask is now a hockey mask, and not the sweet one from the island, which I hope isn’t the case, but we shall see.

And finally, Arrow arrives to check on Roy. Harper’s not too upset about getting an arrow through the leg from their last visit, but perhaps that’s because Arrow offers to help him, and it appears to be SIDEKICK TIME folks. Hopefully it ends better than this. Now is the time to place bets on when Roy Harper figures out the Arrow’s true identity. If this was Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. or most shows that persist on long-standing mysteries, it wouldn’t come out until the season finale. For a show as jam-packed as Arrow is, I give it two episodes. Anything longer strains credibility, since everybody should know the truth already.

There are a few moments of incredulity in this episode, but that’s par for the course for Arrow, with the evolution of Deathstroke and Roy Harper both making up for the episode’s flaws.

Grade: B+