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Trailer: “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” Reveals Green Goblin, Rhino, and Electro


By Afroxander

Sony Pictures released the first trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the sequel to their blockbuster remake (and improvement over the previous series, in my opinion) of the Spider-Man superhero franchise.

Andrew Garfield returns as the titular hero, a.k.a. Peter Parker, who will face his greatest battle against a number of foes who may prove to be more powerful than he’ll be able to handle. New Yorkers better hope not because these foes tear some shit up!

The two-and-a-half minute long trailer does an excellent job of hyping up what appears will be an action-packed film that will answer many of the questions Parker had about his father in the previous film. Parker’s search for these truths lead him to discover secrets not only about his father’s work but also some revelations about Oscorp that begin with his aunt May revealing a few things about his father’s past.

Speaking of revelations (of the non-Biblical kind), the trailer also includes Norman Osborn (Chris Cooper), the head of Oscorp, and his son Harry (Dane DeHaan), who is a longtime friend of Parker’s and also appears as The Green Goblin, a.k.a. his greatest and most famous foe. Harry reveals to Parker that Oscorp has been NSA-style spying on him for some unknown reason.

Also revealed are two other popular Spider-Man foes: Rhino (Paul Giamatti), who wears an armored suit that resembles a rhino, and Electro (Jamie Foxx), who can manipulate electricity. Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) returns as Parker’s love interest for a few moments though it’s not hinted at whether she will meet the same tragic end she suffered in the Spidey comics canon.

To add to the excitement are the hints of future villains who may end up forming The Sinister Six, the popular rogues gallery of Spider-Man lore. There’s a scene at the 1:14 mark where you can spot the wings of The Vulture and the mechanical arms of Doctor Octopus in the background. There’s also a secret lab with six numbered doors.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters May 2, 2014.