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The Mindy Project 2×11 “Christmas Party Sex Trap” Recap


It’s Christmas time on The Mindy Project and it’s a very merry episode indeed… except for the fact that we’re going to have to wait 4 more weeks until the next episode…

Anyway, the office is getting into the holiday spirit by hosting a Christmas party for the entire building – all Mindy’s idea. She comes up with a plan to seduce Cliff at the party as soon as she hears that Cliff and Heather are having relationship problems. The party is going to be all gluten-free, because Tamra’s stomach can’t handle it, and alcohol-free, for Peter who tends to drink more during the holidays.

Even though it’ll be a dry party and Jeremy’s lost his tummy, Peter and Jeremy decide to be sober buddies and help each other out. Jeremy will help Peter to abstain from drinking and vice versa, but in Jeremy’s case, abstain from sugary food.

As Mindy and Danny are leaving the office later that night, they come across Brendan (Mark Duplass) and his new girlfriend, Maria Menounos, in the elevator. Because Brendan calls her “lonely” this holiday season, Mindy feels the need to tell him that she’s currently dating a lawyer in their building.

When they leave, Danny confronts Mindy about creating a Christmas Party Sex Trap. She admits to it and tells him about her 4-step plan to get Cliff.

Step 1: When Cliff gets to the party, ignore him and continue talking to another guy.
Step 2: Do a sexy version of “Santa Baby.”
Step 3: Pretend you’re overheated and say you need some air. He’ll then follow her outside.
Step 4: End up making out.

At the party, Mindy asks for Danny’s help to fill her bra up with wine. She can’t continue her plan without some alcohol. As he pours, her bra gets bigger and bigger and Danny can’t stop looking.

Cliff arrives, so Mindy starts talking to “the coolest guy in the room.” She ignores Cliff, commencing step 1 of her plan. Cliff seems somewhat offended and walks through the party, ultimately stopping to talk to Brendan. When they introduce themselves, Brendan mistakes him for being Mindy’s new boyfriend. Cliff corrects him and tells him that he’s not, so they assume she must have been talking about another lawyer. Cliff leaves, somewhat saddened by the news.

Mindy starts step 2, until she realizes that Cliff left the party. She decides to not perform, so Maria Menounos steals her spotlight, singing her own sexy rendition of “Santa Baby.” Mindy sneaks into her office, a parallel to last season’s Christmas episode when she hides away in her room.

Right after the song, Brendan and Maria get into a fight and break up while Peter and Jeremy overhear. Peter decides that he needs to get drunk in order to talk to Maria, leaving Jeremy all alone with his food temptation. Peter runs to get some alcohol from Beverly, but she’s all out. She does, though, tell him that Mindy’s wearing a booze bra. At the same time, in an effort to run away from food, Jeremy runs into a storage closet only to find Danny’s glorious gingerbread house.

Meanwhile, also a callback to last season’s episode, Danny comes into Mindy’s office to find her moping on the floor. Danny gives her her Secret Santa gift to cheer her up. He dances for her, to one of her favorite songs – Aaliyah’s “Try Again.” Mindy clearly enjoys it as she’s smiling the entire time. Danny ends the dance by stroking Mindy’s chin, but as soon as he does, he gets closed off again and offers to give her a gift card or a check. She tells him she loved it and then pulls him into a long hug. As they start to pull away, Danny doesn’t let go of her waist and it seems like they’re right about to kiss – until Peter barges in asking for her bra wine. Dammit. Jeremy runs into the room, as well, holding Danny’s eaten gingerbread Montecello.

Jeremy encourages Peter to go talk to Maria sober because “she’s vulnerable and you’re here.” Peter brushes the sugar off of Jeremy’s suit and agrees to go talk to her. They leave the room, leaving Danny and Mindy alone on opposite sides of the room.

Mindy tells Danny that she’s going to get a breath of fresh air, implying that he should go with her. (Step 3.) But Danny says he’s going to stay inside to clean up the mess. He seems to want to say something as she walks away, but he doesn’t.

Peter approaches Maria who’s getting ready to catch a flight to Connecticut. Because he’s sober, he can give her a ride; in return, she offers him a room at the hotel she’s staying at because it’s so late. They leave together. Moral of the story: Even sober, you’ll get the girl.

Mindy’s outside on the balcony when Cliff appears holding a cookie for her. She starts to eat it happily when it cuts to a shot of Danny looking down at them from her office window. Cliff tells her that he left the party to break up with Heather as soon as he found out that Mindy had a “boyfriend.” He tells her that he wants to be with her, she tells him she wants to be with him, and then, step 4 – they kiss. There’s one last shot of Danny looking away and backing away from the window.

Until the new year…

Memorable Moments

“What are you saying? Are you having a stroke? What does that even mean?” – Mindy to Danny

“And I have a deadly allergy to—” “I’m sorry. I can’t hear more restrictions for the party.” – Betsy and Mindy

“No. No. It’s better than great. It’s grrrrrrrreat!” – Mindy

“You should wear that every day.” – Danny to Mindy wearing a growing wine bra.

“There’s some recent scholars that suggest Jesus was actually a black woman.” – Brendan

“Wait. Where is everybody?” – Mindy to the crowded office.

“Go do it.” – Peter trying to get Mindy to do her dance

“You know what? Why don’t you go take a nap or something?” – Peter to Mindy right after as soon as Maria Menounos starts to do the “Santa Baby” routine

“Sometimes the best gifts don’t cost anything.” “I guess if you’re like a poor mouse in a Christmas special.” – Danny and Mindy

Danny dancing. If that was all I got for Christmas, I would be forever satisfied.

“Whoa. Weird energy in here. Is the ghost back?” – Morgan

“Our deepest fear is not that we’re inadequate. It’s that we’re powerful beyond measure. That’s a quote from my frat buddy Pubes.” – Peter

“Gluten is my favorite food!” – Mindy