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“Shameless” Season 4 Teaser: The Gallagher Life Ain’t No Tea Party

I am so ready for season four of Shameless. This recently dropped teaser clip shows off the Gallagher family in all their struggling, messed-up glory.

Fiona, having just landed a new job and a new man (both of which hopefully will continue to be good things in her life), will at some point in the season punch someone in the face (not a new thing for the Gallagher matriarch) and be arrested (definitely a new thing, poor Fiona). Elsewhere, Lip isn’t adjusting well to the college life, Frank isn’t adjusting at all to the almost-sober life, Carl continues to freak me out, and Ian remains conspicuously absent from nearly all the promos for Shameless thus far.

Most of the scenes and clips are things we’ve seen so far, but the teaser still has me pumped for this new season. Check it out below:

Shameless returns January 12th at 9PM on Showtime.