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Rebecca Black’s “Saturday” Is Kind of Awesome

I finally got around to checking out Rebecca Black’s new single, “Saturday,” and you know what? It’s kind of awesome.

Like, it’s actually pretty cute – she’s poking fun at herself and partying with her friends – and I admire the fact that Black has managed to work her colossal Internet #fail to her advantage. Plenty of us were simultaneously mesmerized and horrified by “Friday,” Rebecca Black’s claim-to-‘fame’ back in 2011, and a few crazies took it a step further by issuing death threats against Black (who was 13-years-old at the time).

Instead of crumpling under the weight of all her ‘haters,’ Black apparently went on to set up her own YouTube account, which has accumulated over half a million subscribers. Yesterday, she posted the music video and single to her follow-up to “Friday” – albeit three years too late – “Saturday.”