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Official “Teen Wolf” 3B Trailer: Power, Demons, Darkness, and Hauntings

Earlier today, MTV’s Teen Wolf had a little contest going on over at where fans worked to unlock four parts of the full, official Teen Wolf Season 3B trailer by solving a gif puzzle.

Prizes included winning one of four signed Teen Wolf DVDs, and anyone who solves the puzzles gets entered into a drawing for a trip to the Teen Wolf set during filming of Season 4.

As one of the fans who participated in the contest (and especially as someone who usually sucks at all things puzzles), solving each part and getting to view a clip of the two minute trailer was a lot of fun.

MTV has now released the full trailer on their YouTube page, and you can check it out for yourself below. The two-minute video offers a much more detailed glimpse of what’s to come in season 3B – namely, kitsunes, demons, darkness, almost-kisses, and a whole lot of action. We even (sort of) get introduced to new character Kira Yukimura, who will play a newcomer to Beacon Hills, as well as the town’s supernatural side.

Teen Wolf returns to MTV January 6. Will you tune in?