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Jeff Winger Is Back at Greendale in the ‘Community’ Season 5 Trailer

Jeff Winger thought he had done it: escaped, broken free, hurdled the education system of a school with an anus flag and earned his law degree. He was done with Greendale Community College forever. Adios, formerly Spanish-Anthropology-Biology-History study group.

So long, weirdos! Jeff Winger, out.

…At least until previously-axed series creator Dan Harmon was re-hired by Sony, the show was renewed for an impossible fifth season, and fans did a double take.

The most delightfully geeky show of the last four years re-starts in January, just a month away. Welcome back to Greendale, Mr. Winger. Congratulations on the job, Dan Harmon. Thank you, Joel McHale, for existing on our televisions. Remember: the table is magic. Greendale is where you belong. #SixSeasonsAndAMovie.

The first promo for the fifth season of the NBC sitcom is online, styled to look like a traditional film trailer.  The acerbic flair of series creator Dan Harmon is back in force, this time with his reputably crazed managerial style reigned in by co-executive-producer and long-time series writer, Chris McKenna.

If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, scroll down and watch it; there’s a hefty spoiler about Jeff’s return to the saddest and most wonderful community college in television history. Although Chevy Chase’s character Pierce is off the show, expect the return of The Daily Show‘s John Oliver as inebriated psychology professor Ian Duncan. Anticipated guest stars this season include Rick Castle himself, Nathan Fillion, Justified‘s Walter Goggins, and that guy that’s somehow in everything.

What do you think of Jeff’s new job? Love it, hate it, sound off in the comments!