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‘Haven’ Season 4 Episode 13 Recap: “Lighthouse”


Haven’s season four finale continues to try and answer the question the series has been pursuing the whole series – who is Audrey Parker?

We got the answer midway through the episode but it opened up a whole new series of questions. Audrey Parker is a woman named Mara. She did unspeakable acts, and caused all the troubles in Haven, and was banished to the barn – fated to live multiple lives and helped the troubles for her actions. She and William wreaked havoc on Haven – she was banished to the barn and he was sent to an unspeakable place. William didn’t lose his memory and vowed to get Mara back.

So, how does all this play into the season four finale? For now, Audrey is still Audrey and she is working with Nathan, Duke and Jennifer to get William to the lighthouse. Beneath the lighthouse is the symbol that is tattooed on members of the guard. If four specific people with the symbol assemble, a door will open and they can banish William.

Who are the four people? They know of three: Audrey, William and Jennifer. But who is the fourth?

The fourth turns out to be Dave, whom it was revealed was adopted in last week’s episode. Foreshadowing anyone?

The four key people are known but how to get them there? Audrey has a plan to get William. She will go to him and Nathan can shoot him with a tranquilizer gun. Remember, what happens to William happens to Audrey, so Nathan is charged with lugging the unconscious people to the lighthouse.

Audrey’s plan doesn’t work. William is on to her and he gets his two followers, the guys that have been lurking around Haven, to capture William. They are going to kill Nathan and Audrey begs William to stop. William says she has the power to make them – and then she realizes she does. She also has the power to turn them back into the little black balls and send them back into the box William has been carrying around.

Just when William thinks he has his Mara back, Audrey proves she is still Audrey, telling Nathan to head butt her which will knock her and William out.

Before we move on to the final moments of the episode, let’s address Duke and his issues. Audrey re-activated his Crocker curse so he could kill the man whose baby’s cries killed people. Duke got the Crocker curse back and killed the man, ending the trouble on the baby, but Duke got more than he bargained for.

As they are all gathered in the basement of the lighthouse, William tells Duke when Audrey re-activated him she amplified his curse. He is now carrying around all the troubles his family rid people of through the years and Duke is dying.

William says he is the only one who can help Duke. Is William just trying to save Duke or just trying to save himself.

We may never know as the four chosen people stand on the specific spots and open the portal. Audrey decides she is the one that should toss William in. When she grasps him to toss him in that electrical spark of connection surges through her just as William falls into the abyss and Jennifer closes the door.

As the episode closes, Duke continues to get worse, Jennifer collapses and appears to be dead, and Audrey’s whole demeanor changes. She isn’t Audrey anymore – she is Mara and she wants to know who is going to help her get William back.

Season 4 of Haven was kind of a hit or miss. Has the show overstayed its welcome with the ‘who is Audrey’ plotline? Has it truly lost its purpose when it revealed that Dave, Jennifer, Audrey, and William are possibly aliens from another planet? And if it does come back for a fifth season, will the audience buy Audrey as the new villain?