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Animal Chuki Release Debut EP “Capicúa” on ZZK Records


By Afroxander

Andrea Campos and Daniel Valle-Riestra weren’t any different from any other couple in their hometown of Lima, Peru, or anywhere else on the globe, for that matter. No different, that is, until the day they decided to start making music together.

The rise of digital cumbia/nu cumbia was too tempting for their ears and, in early 2012, the two became Animal Chuki.

Less than two years later and Chuki already has its first official EP under its belt thanks to the tastemakers at ZZK RecordsCapicúa is five tracks of digital cumbia goodness that takes Peru’s psychedelic cumbia sound and filters it through EDM techniques that make for some dark, psychedelic, dancefloor-ready tunes. The EP also showcases the duo’s talent at mixing up a variety of new styles of Tropical Bass music such as digital cumbia, zouk bass, and (to a slight extent) moombahton.

Animal Chuki celebrated the release of the album and their partnership with ZZK with a mixtape featuring new songs off the album, some oldies (re: songs from last year) + a remix. Listen to that below. Meanwhile, Capicúa can be found in full on Spotify.