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The Walking Dead 4×07 “Dead Weight” Recap


Just how far will the Governor go to ensure the safety of Megan, Lily, and Tara? Quite a lot.

Where we last left off, Martinez found the Governor and little Megan at the bottom of his walker pit. Since then, he had allowed the Governor and his newfound family entrance to his group, on the condition that they contribute and he recognizes that Martinez is the new leader. “I’m in charge. No dead weight.”

The Governor, Martinez, and two brothers Mitch and Pete embark on a supply run to an deserted cabin in the forest, where they encounter decapitated bodies in military uniform labeled with the words “rapist”, “murderer”, and later enjoy beer and some solace after a brief walker attack. When they get back, everyone seems to be happy and enjoying themselves.

After giving it some thought, the Governor decides that the new leadership at the camp does not suit him. After spending “leisure” time with Martinez playing golf, with Martinez insinuating that it’s crazy for him to be attached to a new family and that he won’t be able to protect them, the Governor knocks him out with a golf club and pushes him into a pit of walkers.

Though there is some confusion about leadership in the camp later, it becomes quite clear after a supply run with just the Governor, Mitch, and Pete. While Pete is more humanitarian and would rather stick to his morals (including not ambushing a group they find in the forest), the Governor realizes that he wouldn’t be able to protect the camp and kills him. Simple solution.

On the other hand, Mitch is a bit more gritty and would prefer letting the brawn lead the brain. Where Pete spared the group in the forest, Mitch favored killing the humans to steal their supplies. The Governor spares Mitch’s life and allows for him to be his right-hand-man, all the while terrifying Mitch with his recent actions and threats.

Meanwhile, the Governor constantly reassures Lily that they’ll find a safer, less-run-down place, though Lily favors their new home and Tara’s newfound happiness with Alicia, another member of the camp. This is all changes however, when Megan and Tara play tag on the perimeter and Megan is taken down by a walker. She is nearly eaten, if it isn’t for the Governor’s quick skills.

As the episode draws to a close, we see the Governor driving through the woods once more, looking for perhaps a safer place for his family, and coming across the familiar sight of a prison. He recognizes the figures of Rick and Carl, and turns once more before he sees Michonne talking to Hershel, which incites venom in his one visible eye as he raises his gun in her direction.

Though it is a little disheartening Governor is back to his old, demented tactics, I can’t say that I’m not relieved; it was bound to happen. This is just some of the more familiar aspects of the Governor, and if anything, we can make his efforts look more nobel – the only reason he basically assumed dictatorship was to protect Megan and Lily.

While conversing with Mitch about what they were going to do about Pete, he replies that people believe what they want to believe, and that “everybody needs a hero”, namely himself. His main motto throughout the episode is to “keep surviving”, and to do that we see new faces disappear while old faces return. With the Governor’s old antics returning, we can almost guarantee a showdown between our heroes and the Governor next week.

Grade: B