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The Mindy Project 2×09 “Mindy Lahiri Is a Racist” Recap


The episode starts off with Morgan being forgiven by Mindy for sending those texts from the last episode. While waiting in the elevator together, Cliff enters – what a coincidence.

At this point, Cliff has no idea that Mindy’s read his texts, but is tipped off that she actually has when she quotes one of those sexts, something about ripping Mindy’s bra off with her teeth. Cliff gets really mad at Morgan for not deleting them and calls him a bad person.

As Danny walks out a patient who’s giving him high praise for his work, they’re interrupted by the sound of Mindy yelling. She tells Tamra that she’s banned from the bathroom because Mindy slipped in a puddle while Tamra was shaving.

In the breakroom, Danny, Mindy, and Jeremy discuss what they can do with the extra revenue from their business, while Peter tries to get his idea across. They blow off his idea to make a mobile clinic and tell him to go think up more drinking games. Harsh.

The tension between them continues when Peter attempts to talk to Mindy about being a Senior Partner. She ends up just leading him out of her office by diverting his attention elsewhere.

Later that day, Danny reads off a blog post praising Schulman and Associates, but stops short when he reads, “Doctor Castellano knows that the first hands to touch your precious baby should be – ivory white.” He should’ve been tipped off by the url, They aren’t the only ones who read it. The Deslauriers station themselves outside the building protesting the now racist Schulman and Associates.

Mindy, Jeremy, and Danny end up hiring Priscilla Lane (Jenna Elfman), a PR consultant to help with their strategy. She decides to give Danny one-on-one training since it seems he needs it the most. In his office, things get heated between the two of them when they start arguing and then start making out.

Meanwhile, Mindy and Tamra, accompanied by her boyfriend Ray Ron (Josh Peck), go to a restaurant to work on the statement they’re going to release to the public about how much they love working at Schulman and Associates.  As Ray Ron takes a break to go outside and “vaporize,” Mindy tells Tamra that she hates him, he’s a deadbeat, and she should be with someone more like her. Tamra takes offense since she loves him, and leaves Mindy to work on the statement by herself.

The next morning, Danny and Mindy find out that Tamra’s supporting the Deslauriers in their rally against racism. She twists Mindy’s words, making everyone believe that Mindy’s a racist. The office sends Danny up to say a few words on their behalf, but he ends up making it worse. Even awkwardly admitting that he had sex with Priscilla.

While this disaster is going on, Morgan, in an effort to get Cliff to forgive him, hires a man to punch him in front of Cliff. Cliff steps right in front of Morgan to stop it as the man throws the punch and ends up hitting him instead. As Morgan cleans up Cliff’s bloody face, he tells him that Mindy really likes him. It’s pretty clear that Cliff still likes Mindy, but he can’t do anything about it anymore because he’s with Heather now.

Back at the rally, Tamra tells Mindy that she’s not racist, but she is condescending to the people at work. Tamra forgives her after Mindy tells her that although she looks down on Ray Ron, she’ll try to get to know him better.

Mindy goes up to the microphone to try to persuade the listeners that they’re not racist. She pitches Peter’s idea from before that they’re going to set up a mobile clinic and take it to low-income areas. The crowd likes this idea and end up cheering when Mindy says that Schulman and Associates are not racists. To thank Peter for his idea, they make him a Senior Partner.

Memorable Moments

“I’ll tranq his ass out.” – Tamra

“I did not, but…That’s just the end of the sentence. I did not delete them.” – Morgan

“We think it’s cool that he’s black.”
“Extremely cool. *winks at Tamra*” – The Deslauriers

Danny’s reading glasses.

“Ever since I saw that first sonogram I just thought ‘Katniss’ for this baby.” – Mindy

“You only hook up with white guys! I’ve hooked up with every race of woman.” – Danny (also, a jab to critics)

“Danny, have you really been with every race of girl?” – Mindy
“Pretty much. Except for one.” – Danny
“Which one?” – Mindy
“None of your business!” – Danny (Mindy, you’re next.)

“He counts his black friends, everybody. That says it all.” – Brendan

“That is not my friend. I made a horrible mistake.” – Mindy
“That was very racist.” – Peter