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The Mindy Project 2×08 “You’ve Got Sext” Recap


This episode is very different from the others in the fact that only 6 specific characters are shown through two story lines. Not to mention, this is the episode where Danny finally acknowledges that he cares about Mindy as more than a best friend.

The episode starts off with Mindy and Morgan riding down the elevator with Cliff (Glenn Howerton) and his girlfriend, Yana. Mindy mistakenly starts talking about her Lanolin allergy and rash until Morgan interrupts her. I guess he ships Mindy and Cliff because once they’re off the elevator, he berates her for it.

Mindy loses her bag containing her phone and keys somewhere in the hospital, which means that she’s going to have to have stay at someone else’s place. Luckily for her, Danny lives close by and she invites herself to stay over. Ooh. This is playing out like some fanfiction. It gets better.

As they’re walking toward his apartment together, Mindy admires the sweet couples along the way. She tells Danny that she’s “never gonna find anyone.”

Meanwhile, back in the hospital, Peter and Morgan come across Mindy’s lost bag with her phone. They see a text from Cliff and decide to continue the conversation by pretending to be Mindy.

As Danny and Mindy continue walking, Danny explains why it’s better to be single. One of those reasons is because he doesn’t like to find his toothbrush wet because someone used it. He then asks Mindy what “cheeseball” she’s crushing on at the moment. She doesn’t say Cliff’s name, but tells Danny she feels weird telling him because they work in the same place. Danny gets a little bit suspicious when Mindy says he’s out of her league and they tend to fight and argue. As Mindy continues walking, Danny stops in his tracks and has a moment of realization. Aww, Danny thinks it’s him. Does sound a lot like him, though, I don’t blame him.

Once inside Danny’s apartment lobby, Danny and Mindy go through his mail. They’re approached by Danny’s crazy neighbor who he’s hooked up with before. They decide to play it off as if they’re a couple – more specifically, Mindy decides that their fiancés who are expecting a baby together. Mindy goes into great detail about how they met and fell in love. As they say their goodbyes, Mindy introduces herself as Chloe Silverado.

Meanwhile, Peter and Morgan are still texting Cliff, specifically a little winky face 😉 emoji. Cliff responds with the same 😉 which escalates into telling each other what they’re wearing, Mindy’s being “no panties.” Cliff takes that as a cue to come over.

Danny starts to show how uncomfortable he is with having Mindy so close to him, when she taps his face with her foot and when she climbs into bed with him to watch TV. Danny literally drives Mindy into his arms while they’re watching a horror movie. This prompts him to tell her that they need to talk about their relationship, but not on his bed where she keeps farting. As they walk out, they find his crazy neighbor sitting on his couch.

His neighbor tells Mindy, I mean, Chloe, that she had sex with Danny while Chloe was pregnant. Mindy slaps Danny to emphasize her anger.

Morgan and Peter devise a plan to make it seem as if Mindy’s throwing a party in her apartment. As Cliff walks in, Morgan invites Heather (Ellie Kemper) to come in, too. They spend most of the party keeping Cliff busy while texting him at the same time.

Once Amy, the neighbor, is done telling Mindy about her relationship, Danny asks for his key back. Apparently, they were spending most nights together and Danny even made her blueberry pancakes in the morning. Since the neighbor is starting to sound less crazy than Danny made it seem, Mindy pulls Danny aside to talk to him about this and he confides that he’s lonely often.

In an effort to make things right, Mindy makes Danny tell Amy that he was lonely when he was with her. Amy accepts that and as she’s getting ready to leave, Danny accidentally calls “Chloe” “Mindy” in front of her. She suspects they’re not really in love, but Mindy and Danny prove her wrong when they hug and Danny kisses her on her head. Danny seems content in Mindy’s arms and his look says it all. Amy calls their love “real” because Danny never looked at her like that. Mindy lets that comment fly over her head, but Danny doesn’t. Later that night, Danny lets Mindy sleep in his bed, while he’s on the couch, and he checks to see if his toothbrush is wet, which we can assume is because Mindy used it and Danny smiles about it.

At the party, Cliff ends up finding out that Mindy isn’t even there and Morgan and Peter were sending the texts, sparking him to make a sudden decision to spend the night with Heather.

The next morning, Danny makes Mindy breakfast and tells her that she should pursue her crush on the guy she works with. He tells her that he’s not out of her league and she’s great. She thanks him for the comment and tells him that she’s going to call Cliff when she gets home. Oh, Danny. He’s completely shocked and jealous. He goes back to making more food with a sigh and “Cliff Gilbert, how about that?” Mindy has no idea how Danny feels about her.

That same day at the office, Mindy finds her phone with a voicemail from Heather telling her about her party and night with Cliff. She then finds the texts Peter and Morgan forgot to delete. Uh-oh.

Memorable Quotes

“It’s about how girls have to ‘lean in’ so their boobs look bigger.” – Morgan talking about the book Lean In

“I just hope my parents don’t mind that our bloodline is gonna die with me. Family is so important to us.” – Mindy
“What about your brother Rishi?” – Danny
“Yes, yeah, I forgot about him.” – Mindy

“When my cousin comes to visit me, I give her my bed, and like, I sleep on the couch.” – Mindy
“Great, so you have experience sleeping on couches.” – Danny

“I feel like I must hear every detail, although it’ll be painful to hear it.” – Mindy