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The Good Wife 5×06 “The Next Day” Recap


When Alicia and Cary represent a client who has left Lockhart/Gardner to go with Florrick/Agos, Will and Diane intentionally delay turning over the case files to the new firm.

Also, Marilyn, Peter’s ethics council, tries to give advice to Alicia, and Will’s colleagues are surprised at the new intensity he displays in the wake of the upheaval at the firm.

“The Next Day” opens with Diane, Will, and Alicia waking up in the morning. Diane is nervous about her Supreme Court justice hearing, Will tells his tattooed one-night stand that he feels “alive” – rejuvenated, and Alicia has overslept while the new Florrick, Agos & Associates firm convenes in her living room. Marilyn (Melissa George), the head of Peter’s ethics committee, drops by to check in on Alicia and make sure everything with the firm goes smoothly and ethically.

Tensions are very, very high between the two competing firms. To make matters even worse for Lockhart & Gardner, one of Diane’s clients named Heather (Orange Is the New Black‘s Maria Dizzia) decides to switch representation to Alicia on the first day of court, since Alicia was the one actually logging in the hours on her case. Diane is thoroughly pissed off, and tells Will what happened.

Back at Alicia’s place, everyone is busy at work. Marilyn has stuck around, despite Alicia telling her to come back later that afternoon. But Marilyn insists on showing a PowerPoint presentation to everyone about how to run an ethical law firm. Alicia follows her to the bathroom, when suddenly Marilyn gets a bout of morning sickness.

Seeing Marilyn’s vulnerable side, Alicia asks how long her presentation will take and tells her to come by tomorrow to show everyone.

She goes back to the living room where a box is being delivered from Lockhart & Gardner. They open the box, thinking it must be their new clients’ files, but instead they find it filled with toy rats and a message from Will.

Over at Lockhart & Gardner, Will has a game plan. He tells the partners that they’re going to destabilize their competitors by targeting the top 12 litigators at rival firms for acquisition. He then goes to his office for a make-out session with the tattooed one-night stand from earlier, when he’s interrupted with a notice from Florrick & Agos to appear at an Attorney Disciplinary Board hearing – the same board that suspended Will. Will laughs (bitterly, might I add) but Diane warns him not to let Alicia get into his head.

At the hearing, the judge (who’s already displayed bias against Will in the past) orders Lockhart & Gardner to hand the files over to Florrick & Agos. Afterward, Diane learns that the governorship is vetting another candidate for the Supreme Court justice position. She asks Kalinda to find out everything she can, then storms off for some R&R with her new husband.

Gina, an assistant at Lockhart & Gardner, spies Diane and Kurt (Gary Cole) canoodling and calls Alicia up, offering her “something that’ll win your gun case” in return for a job at Alicia’s new firm. Immediately afterwards, Alicia heads over to Kurt’s to hire him to testify in her case, while her daughter Grace – who Alicia dragged along to stop her from chatting with her male associates – takes an interest in Kurt’s guns.

Meanwhile, Cary tries to figure out the office space problem, knowing that if he doesn’t find a suitable work place in time, they’ll be forced to keep working out of Alicia’s apartment, or worse, share space with another firm.

Lockhart & Gardner finally send the case files over, but to Florrick & Agos’ frustration, the files are redacted. Kurt testifies at Alicia requested, but it doesn’t go as smoothly as Alicia hoped.

Kalinda tells Diane of the other Supreme Court justice candidates, and that she doesn’t know whether Diane is still in the running. Diane excuses herself, and cries alone in the bathroom. She’s able to channel that frustration into the second Attorney Disciplinary Board hearing, where Cary is trying to file a complaint about the redacted files. Again, the judge rules in favor of Florrick & Agos, and the non-redacted files are sent to Alicia’s home.

As Florrick & Agos cheers over their success, another potential victory comes knocking at the door; Kurt, who has found some evidence that could win Alicia her case. However, the client has gotten tired of the firms playing tug of war with her case files and just wants it to be over – which is why she rehires Diane, and fires Alicia.

Alicia confronts Marilyn about what she’s really here for, having heard that she weaseled information out of Cary about Peter’s involvement in the Chum Hum case. Marilyn informs Alicia that she needs to warn Cary about talking to outsiders, and tell her husband to stop interfering.

Too late on that count; Diane has already been turned down for the Supreme Court position. She later asks Will what he thinks of her staying on with the firm. He tells her they’re going after their opponents, and it’s not going to be pretty. Is Diane in? Hell yes, she is.

Will and Diane are out for blood, and step one of their plan involves buying out the tax attorneys who were offering to share space with Florrick & Agos. Looks like they’re going to be stuck in Alicia’s apartment for a while yet.

Rating: A-