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Palenke Soultribe’s “Blanco & Negro” Video


By Afroxander

All hail the accordion, the rock guitar of Latin America. The instrument is used in various musical genres from Mexico down to Chile and is any man’s best bet at wooing the ladies.

Case in point, the young protagonist whose romantic escapade is at the heart of Palenke Soultribe’s latest video.

The action in “Blanco & Negro” begins when our young protagonist falls in love at first sight. Distraught, he can’t muster up the bravery to approach her until he gets his hands on a shiny, perhaps magical accordion. Instrument in hand, he invites her to a local dance featuring the music of Palenke Soultribe.

Potential puppy love gives way to despair and action as the young boy is robbed of his accordion by a pair of thieves on a motorcycle. Undeterred, he takes off after them and… well, you’ll just have to watch the video to find out what happens.

The video is the second single from the L.A.-based techno-cumbia outfit from their latest album, Mar (Sea), and is more of a classic Palenke track in how it mixes EDM with traditional cumbia sounds like many of their most popular hits. Those traditional influences were nowhere to be seen in previous single “Move It,” focusing instead on hard beats and House music.

The video was shot on the streets of Cartagena, Colombia and features regular people off the streets in starring roles, which is pretty evident in the early shots of youngsters filing into the party.