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Once Upon A Time in Wonderland 1×06 “Who’s Alice?” Recap


What happens when Alice returns from Wonderland, heart-broken and mourning the apparent death of Cyrus? She learns life, as it so often does, went on without her.

She returns to her own world and is found by a young girl who turns out to be her half sister.

Alice’s father, who spent most of her childhood wrapped in sadness after his wife’s death, has remarried and has a young daughter. A young daughter who doesn’t even know she has a half sister.

The world that Alice was born into has all but forgotten her. When she returns she is left with a father who wants to fix her and a cruel step-mother obsessed more with protecting her station then helping her stepdaughter. Isn’t that always the case in fairytales? Evil stepmothers can be so evil.

In Wonderland, Alice continues, as she has been doing, searching for Cyrus and Cyrus is running for his life after escaping Jafar’s gilded cage. And our dear Knave of Hearts? Well Will is trying to acclimate himself back into the land of the living after being returned to his human form from being a statue.

As Alice continues to search for Cyrus, so does The Red Queen. She figures if she can get the genie she will hold all the cards against Jafar. Remember, she already has the genie’s bottle.

Alice, poor Alice, finds herself wandering into a wooded area filled with a sweet smelling odor. A man tells her to let her troubles go and enjoy the place. Alice, who has been searching for a place to belong since realizing the one where her father is no more, begins to be entranced by the place.

Why doesn’t Alice have a home in her place of birth anymore? Her home is filled with a father who bends to the wishes of his new wife, worries for the safety of his new daughter and a step-mother obsessed with appearances.

Alice’s step-mother presses Alice’s father to make Alice bend to her will. Forget the fantasy of a lost love, enter society and make a good match. Alice, her heart bleeding with sadness over the loss of Cyrus, just can’t forget him. It is this tipping point that leads her father to make the harshest of ultimatum. Either Alice let go of her supposed grieving for a fantasy man, he doesn’t believe Cyrus exists, or he will have her sent to an asylum for the mentally ill.

Unwilling to forget Cyrus and her time in Wonderland, and full of despair over losing her father’s trust and it seems his love, Alice willingly goes to the asylum. The same asylum that later the White Rabbit and Will rescue her from.

Meanwhile back in the forest, Alice has lost herself in the woods and is enjoying a chance to forget her troubles. Will finds her there and tries to snap her back to herself. Sometimes, even if it is induced, people embrace a chance to let their troubles wash away. And with the help of the purple mist, Alice has done just that.

Alice fights Will’s insistence to snap out of it, and doesn’t even care that the woods are claiming her. Her lower torso soon becomes encased in wood and vines grow out and are used to trap Will. He keeps insisting he will help Alice because he owes her and in one desperate act Will tosses Alice Cyrus’ necklace that finally brings her back to herself.

As they leave the woods Alice is overcome with pain, as all her troubles flood back into her – finding Cyrus, losing her father’s trust, losing her home. It is overwhelming. Alice is surprised the woods didn’t claim Will, who tries to shrug it off. He changes the subject thanking Alice for releasing him from being a statue. Alice tells him she didn’t do it, so it must have been Anastasia aka The Red Queen.

Disgusted by the notion of being rescued by his former paramour, who broke his heart, Alice questions Will about why the wooded area didn’t affect him. Will reveals that he didn’t replace his heart to its rightful place when Alice got it back to him. He states he kept putting it off until it seemed he didn’t miss it anymore.

If Will doesn’t have a heart, if he feels nothing, then why does it seem he always has strong emotions around Alice? Again, I keep saying this, Will and Alice are the more compelling couple.

When it switched back to Cyrus and shows the Red Queen has caught up with him, I kind of wanted her to capture him. He is just such a weak character.

In the end, Cyrus sees the light from the necklace Alice is wearing off in the distance like a beacon. Standing on a cliff, The Red Queen thinks she has Cyrus cornered until he takes a leap of faith and jumps into the water below, off to find Alice and be reunited.

Back in Alice’s world, Jafar has traveled to find leverage over Alice. He starts at the asylum which leads him to her father’s door. The episode ends with Jafar telling Alice’s father he knows where she is.