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Haven 4×10 “The Trouble With Troubles” Recap


Most sci-fi shows at one time or another finally delve into an alternate universe and this week it was Haven’s turn. But, before dipping into an AU world, the citizens of Haven are dealing with “The Troubles” on steroids thanks to William.

The episode opens with Nathan, Audrey and Duke trying to help people who were victims of a volcano. Yes, a volcano. Before William intervened a young woman would think about her trip to Hawaii and find sand in her shoes – with her Troubles 2.0 she creates a volcano.

They send a young man named Cliff off in an ambulance with his injured wife and then Audrey and Nathan head home to decompress, try to figure out William’s next move and enjoy each other’s company.

When Audrey wakes up is when an alternate universe version of Haven begins. She awakes on the floor, her cozy apartment now barren and full of fishing equipment. In her pajamas and bare feet, Audrey heads out to find out what new trouble has gotten her into.

She quickly realizes she isn’t in Kansas anymore – well really she isn’t in the Haven she knows. She is in a squeaky clean Haven devoid of “The Troubles” where Duke is a third generation cop, Vince and Dave are dapper dandies and Nathan was never adopted by Chief Wournos and is a doctor named Nathan Henson – the sir name of his real father who was a killer in the real Haven.

Audrey tries to come to terms with this new Haven all the while trying to figure out how she got there and how it happens. She is still in shock about Duke being a cop and is at first excited to see Nathan happy and a doctor until she sees he is happily married with a daughter. Audrey, who always wants to see Nathan happy, states she is happy he is happy.

But Haven, no matter if it is squeaky clean Haven or the real version, always has a darker side and this Haven’s darker side is in the form of William who finds Audrey. Like Audrey, “The Troubles” don’t affect him and like Audrey William wants to know how to get the real Haven back. But unlike Audrey, he is willing to take the darker path to find out who is the troubled person responsible.

After killing Vince and Dave as well as the woman who caused the volcano in the real Haven, because she was the last one he affected, William decides to ramp up his efforts. He knows Audrey is good at figuring this out and kidnaps Nathan’s family to get Audrey to help him – William knows Audrey will do anything for Nathan.

In the end, Audrey realizes it is Cliff, the man she and Nathan helped at the beginning of the episode that caused this new Haven. His wife died of her injuries and he wished for the troubles in Haven to go away – wishing was his trouble.

While Audrey is talking to Duke, Nathan rushes off with Cliff – he is going to William and exchange Cliff for his family. Cliff understands stating if it was his wife being held hostage he would do the same thing.

Audrey and Duke follow. After Nathan exchange Cliff for his family and takes them home – he then heads back to where William is. In a showdown with William, Audrey watches William kill Duke and learns some shocking news.

Handing out information in small amounts like a candy dispenser, William tells Audrey snippets about her and their history. He tells her she isn’t some savior from “The Troubles” in fact she caused the troubles and her coming back time and time again to Haven is basically her penance for causing them.

Fed up with playing the role of a villain spouting his manifesto, William decides the best way to delete this trouble free Haven is to shoot Cliff – who wished for this new Haven. As Audrey watches in shock as William shots Cliff, she immediately wakes up back in the real Haven. It should be noted, however, that she awakes in the same Haven shirt she was wearing in the new Haven, after she exchanged her pajamas for new attire.

Audrey, Duke and Nathan decide William must die. They use information they gleamed about his whereabouts from the new Haven to find him in an abandoned boat building shed.

The trio corners William and confronts him. Of course just as William is about to tell the full story about how he and Audrey got into this predicament and Audrey constantly coming back to Haven with amnesia, Nathan has enough and shots William.

But the shocking ending is that just before William is shot he states he and Audrey are connected and when Nathan shoots William Audrey is shot as well. The wound looks dire and both are clinging to life as the episode fades to black.