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Haven 4×08 “Crush” Recap


While Audrey and Nathan are basking in the glow of finally consummating their relationship, the troubles are still a major issue and Duke has decided to leave Haven after having to kill his brother.

Not to mention he hasn’t told anyone, besides Jennifer, he has lost his trouble after killing his brother Wade.

The troubles are still running amok in Haven but this time there is a new wrinkle. It seems the pair of shifty characters that mutated the ladies’ trouble last week are continuing their devious ways, this time affecting a family that is immune to the troubles.

After the brothers Driscoll are assaulted they acquire a trouble. As deep sea divers, Jack and his brother Aiden see their trouble manifest on land causing those around them to die in a fashion similar to the pressure of being under water. It is not a pretty death.

Duke at first wants nothing to do with this new wrinkle of troubles. Still distraught from having to kill his brother, Duke informs Jennifer she has to leave his boat because he is leaving Haven. Of course, in the end, Duke doesn’t leave Haven. Even if his trouble is gone he feels a tie to not only Nathan and Audrey but also Haven itself.

After Nathan and Audrey convince Jack Driscoll he is causing the trouble, even though he never had a trouble before this, the three of them slowly find out Jack’s brother Aiden is also afflicted. Jack learns to control his trouble but the same can’t be said for Aiden who wakes up, after being attacked by the mysterious duo, in the park and no one can get to him due to the oppressive pressure he is causing with  his trouble.

Duke is to the rescue bringing in special diving suits so he, Audrey and Nathan can go talk to Aiden. Halfway there, Duke and Nathan have to go back because Nathan’s air hose gets a hole in it and can’t breathe. This leaves Audrey to do what she does best, help the troubled person.

It is notable to mention Jennifer is being stalked by a horseshoe crab with human eyes. That was one of the freakiest things seen on Haven, and a bit cheesy too. Later it is discovered, thanks to Vince and Dave, the appearance of this odd looking horseshoe crab signals an ominous evil – something the town of Haven hasn’t seen since the 1600s. Great, now ominous evil and mutated troubles.

As the episode closes, Nathan again revisits the idea of Audrey killing him to end the troubles. It looks like Nathan has talked her into it as she holds the gun to his heart. Unable to reach Nathan and Audrey, Duke, Jennifer, Vince, and Dave rush to Audrey’s to tell them their findings. The riddle they decipher pretty much states that the thought of Audrey killing the one she loves, to end the curse, will not work now with the new issues with the troubles.

Just as Vince, Dave, Duke and Jennifer get to Audrey’s place a gunshot rings out. The audience is left wondering, did Audrey just kill Nathan?

Decent episode, some movement in the overall plot of the story arch, but the horseshoe crab stalking Jennifer was a bit too “B” movie for me.