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Hari Kondabolu and Sikh Captain America Walk The Streets of New York

Comedian and Totally Biased writer Hari Kondabolu heads to the streets of New York to interview an editorial cartoonist named Vishavjit Singh who dressed up as Captain America for a day “to challenge the way New Yorkers think about superheroes”.

Singh, a Sikh born and raised in the United States, wrote an article in Salon about what inspired the turban-wearing image of Captain America that he drew for his first trip to Comic-Con. To take the idea even further, he decided to don the costume himself and walk the streets of New York just to see how people would react.

People shook my hands, and a few literally congratulated me. The celebrity-of-the-moment experience was a little overwhelming. But I was jarred out of that trance by a few negative outliers. One man tried to grab my turban. Another yelled, “Captain Arab.” And yet another: “Terrorista!”

As we posed for a picture with one kid, he stuck his middle finger right in my face.

“So you are flipping off Captain America?” I admonished him.

He got red-faced, apologized and struck a smile instead. We carried on undeterred, and the overall crowd reaction was positive and friendly. [Salon]

Check out Singh and Kondabolu in this clip from Totally Biased: