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FOX Puts “The Mindy Project” On Two-Month Hiatus


FOX recently announced that The Mindy Project will be put on an extended hiatus – it’ll air its winter finale on January 28th and then it won’t return until April 1st. Given The Mindy Project‘s less-than-impressive ratings, it comes as no surprise that it’s been shelved for over two months.

The sophomore sitcom is well on its way to cancelation, and I can’t say I’m torn up about it.

The Mindy Project has never been particularly good, but considering Mindy Kaling’s involvement, I stuck it out hoping it would get better. (There’s also the matter of supporting my fellow South Asian women, who are few and far between in the American entertainment industry.) If the pilot was any indication, The Mindy Project was taking inspiration from Bridget Jones’s Diary, with Dr. Jeremy Reed (Ed Weeks) as the Hugh Grant – charming, British scoundrel – to Dr. Danny Castellano’s (Chris Messina) Colin Firth – awkward, misunderstood, nice guy underneath the rough exterior. But The Mindy Project shifted gears just a couple of episode in, opting for a more Sex and the City framework with stunt casting left and right for Mindy’s boyfriends. In the first season alone, we got Bill Hader, Ed Helms, Seth Meyers, Mark Duplass, B.J. Novak, Seth Rogen, Josh Meyers, and Anders Holm.

Season 2 decided to kick it up a notch by casting James Franco, Timothy Olyphant, Ben Feldman, and Glenn Howerton. Needless to say, the endless array of guest stars hasn’t improved the show. Instead it’s taken away much-needed screentime to develop its supporting cast. Reed, Betsy, the old receptionist lady whose name I can’t even remember, and the new black nurse are non-factors. Morgan, who started off as a recurring character, and Danny, are the only ones who feature regularly on the show, besides Mindy herself. Personally, I’m a little sick of Morgan – but that’s just me. And Adam Pally’s character seems to serve the same function as Morgan – they’re both outrageous man-children who invoke a lot of eye-rolling from the audience.

But this is just another example of The Mindy Project not having any direction. Last season, they got rid of Shawna (Amanda Setton), the hot receptionist, for no apparent reason. Mindy’s BFF Gwen (Anna Camp) was demoted to becoming a recurring character before getting the axe completely because the show decided to spend less screen time on Mindy hanging out with her non-work friends.

The Mindy Project has become way too messy at this point. This extended hiatus doesn’t bode well for its ratings, which are already pretty abysmal. If The Mindy Project does get canceled, hopefully Mindy Kaling comes back with a different, better show a couple years from now. I’m still rooting for her.