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Five Shockingly Profound Quotes From ‘Adventure Time’


By Richard Reitzfeld 

A lot of adults have never heard of Adventure Time. And it’s understandable – the main fan base is pretty much comprised of people who either smoke weed or are eight years old.

Or maybe parents who watch with their kids, but realistically, most parents would take one look at Adventure Time and walk away fondly remembering the days when they still smoked weed.

Adventure Time chronicles the adventures of a young boy, Finn The Human, and his best friend, Jake The Dog, as they traverse The Land Of Ooo doing good deeds, hanging out, going on mythical quests, righting wrongs, and generally being righteous and positive. The Land Of Ooo is a fantasy world where Finn and Jake encounter all kinds of unique – and frankly, trippy as balls – characters.

The shows airs on Cartoon Network, and as such, is generally intended to be viewed by children. But that doesn’t stop Adventure Time from being jam packed with profound dialogue and imagery, as well as just being an overall great message of positivity to kids, and anyone else who happens to be tuning in. Here are some quotes that I found to be truly excellent.


We’re starting off simple here. This quote may not look like much, but just take a second to break it down. Think about the message it sends. You’ve got a boring word like “mathematical”, but there’s an exclamation mark after it! Suddenly the word “mathematical” is interchangeable with words like “awesome!” and “sweet!” And why is that supremely dope? Because math RULES, and kids should learn to get excited about that as young as possible. Most adults I know could probably benefit from taking some enjoyment in math as well. Imagine a world where everyone loved and respected math. That’d be… well, mathematical!.

“Dude, sucking at something is the first step towards being sort of good at something.”

Hearken college grads who lack direction. It’s okay to suck at something. Just listen to Jake The Dog, he knows what’s up. What’s important is that you not be so afraid of sucking that you never even try. Suck away. Suck for as long as you need to suck before you’re okay. Then be okay until you’re good. Then be good until you dominate. The message here is that you should never not try something you want to try because you might be bad at it, because if you’ve never done it before you probably will be bad at it. And that’s totally normal, dude.

“This cosmic dance of bursting decadence and withheld permissions twists all our arms collectively, but, if sweetness can win, and it can, then I’ll still be here tomorrow to high-five you yesterday my friend. Peace.”

I’ll be the first to say it. “Wut?” That was my reaction as well when I first heard this hippy-nonsense spewed at me by some tree lookin’ dude talking about eating tarts and stuff. And you know there’s no way this quote is intended for a child to understand. It probably exists solely for the purpose of making some really stoned guy in his college dorm room go, “…whoa.” But let’s take a second and try and ascribe some meaning to this apparent stream of gibberish. If you want to break it down, what it’s saying is that we live in a world where we’re constantly flooded with messages telling us that we need things we don’t, and that we can’t do the things we truly want to. All of us are subject to it. But, if you can find some goodness in yourself every day, it will trump all the noise and keep you and those around you grounded. And then you can high-five through time or something like that.

“Trust Pound!”

This one is short and sweet. Our heroes, Finn and Jake, exchange the penultimate symbol of bro-dome, the pound, simply over the fact that they trust one another. It’s a celebration of friendship and love. In a world growing increasingly cynical it’s nice to have some positive pro-trust energy thrown out there. It reminds me of a dope Ernest Hemmingway quote: “The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them.” I trust you, Ernest. Let’s be bros. I would have loved to be the Finn to Hemmingway’s Jake.

“I am the true coward; hiding from sincere expressions like a vampire in the nude who hides from the light. Thank you, friends, for freeing me from my bottle prison. But my new prison… is shame.”

Heavy, right? Too often do we stifle ourselves due to fear of judgment from the collective norm. And what this sad little Manticore is telling us is that we should be ashamed for not being honest and sincere in who we are and how we feel. For when we repress and hide our true feelings and emotions. we essentially lock ourselves in a prison of the mind. Once he was freed from his physical prison, this little dude realized that he was still trapped in his own mental prison. And the only one who can free you from your owb mental prison is you. And the way to do that is to be true to yourself; regardless of how the rest of the world perceives you. So do you, man.