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Elementary 2×05 “Ancient History” Recap

Holmes and Watson find themselves digging through the dark world of the mob to find a killer when they discover the body of a former assassin. Meanwhile, Watson helps a close friend track down a mystery man who swept her off her feet.

Joan is out buying platypus skulls for her roommate and partner-in-solving-crime, Sherlock Holmes. Her friend, Jennifer, wants Joan to help her track down a one-night stand named Tony who Jennifer believes to be the man of her dreams. Despite the rather limited amount of information to go on, Joan reluctantly agrees to help.

Back at the loft, Joan tells Sherlock about the potential case but Sherlock dismisses it as nothing more than a wild goose chase that probably won’t end well for either party. Turns out there haven’t been a lot of interesting murder cases lately so Sherlock is in a bit of slump and has refused to leave the loft for days as he’s been obsessively going through a stack of cold cases.

The duo end up visiting the morgue in order to look for a potential case that might pique Sherlock’s interest. There, he engages in a chess match with the morgue doctor. A little later, Joan and Sherlock go through the different bodies when they stumble upon the body of a dead motorcyclist. While his death had to be an accident, Sherlock deduces that the motorcyclist committed murder moments before his own untimely death.

At the police station, Joan tells Gregson that the dead motorcyclist – named Leo Bannon – was a professional hitman. Sherlock was able to tell from the tattoo on Bannon’s body that he belonged to a Polish gang in Warsaw in which he was their assassin. He assumed a new identity – that of Leo Bannon – after leaving the gang and coming to the United States.

Sherlock, however, doesn’t believe Leo ever retired from being an assassin. The cuts on his hand indicate that Leo had recently garroted someone to death. The only problem is that they don’t have a body.

So Sherlock and Joan go to speak with Leo’s wife. She doesn’t believe that her husband was a killer. In fact, he called to tell her that he loved her right before the motorcycle accident. Joan notices the Medical Administration Certification on the wall and Leo’s wife explains that it was their dream to open up an elder care facility. Sherlock tries to explain to the wife that, while it may be difficult to believe, her husband was a killer. We know Sherlock is referring to Jamie Moriarty when he says that it can be very excruciating to learn that the one you love has a dark heart and that he speaks from experience. Awww, Sherlock.

Meanwhile, Joan goes to the bar that Jennifer met her one-night stand to continue her own investigation. Since there was a huge event during the night in question, Joan gets an idea.

Joan contacts the local TV stations and they send her tapes from the bar, since reporters were all over the event. Before Joan can pop one of the tapes into Sherlock’s TV, Sherlock stops her. Knowing that he would appear on the tape, Sherlock finally confesses that he followed Joan that night because she had just become his sober companion and he didn’t fully trust her yet. He wanted to find out more about her. He ended up meeting Jennifer and told her that he was Tony. Then one thing led to another… Turns out Sherlock is Jennifer’s mystery man!

Joan is furious. Sherlock apologizes for betraying her trust, but back then they didn’t have the relationship they have now and he promises that he never followed her again after that night. Joan is also annoyed that she wasted her time looking for Tony, when Sherlock could have told her that it was him all along.

In short, Joan and Sherlock discover that Leo’s wife was responsible for Leo’s death. She knew there was a bounty on her husband’s head by the Polish mob, since he stole $30,000 from them in order to make his way to the United States. The truth is that Leo had sincerely given up his life of crime and wanted to start fresh. The trouble was that he wanted to divorce his wife after he discovered that she’d made pornographic films when she had first come to the United States. Enraged, Leo’s wife contacted Gregori Andriev, and that is the man that Leo garrotted to death. But it was in self-defense because Andriev was attempting to kill Leo. Finally, Leo’s motorcycle accident was caused by Leo’s wife shooting at him. The police take her away.

At the end of the episode, Joan goes to meet with her friend, Jennifer. Before Joan says anything, Jennifer tells her that she already met with Sherlock and he explained everything. Apparently, Sherlock was very sweet – so sweet that they ended sleeping together again. However, Jennifer claims that she’s now gotten Sherlock out of her system and she thanks Joan for everything she did to look for Jennifer’s mystery man.

When Joan arrives back at the loft, she tells Sherlock that what he did for Jennifer was great. She’d really wanted a baby and it worked out especially well since she was ovulating. Sherlock looks shocked for a moment before Joan smiles, “I almost had you.”

Rating: B