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Castle 6×08 “A Murder Is Forever” Recap


“A Murder is Forever” was the highly anticipated first episode written by the husband and wife writing team of Chad and Dara Creasey.

Not so much for the episode content, but for the influence of a younger husband and wife writing duo that would hopefully mirror the Castle creator Andrew Marlowe and his wife Terri Miller.

The case may have been a bit far-fetched; manufactured flawless diamonds that led to the murder of a relationship coach. At least the case and the “B” story had a connection Castle fans have come to expect. The last few episodes have not really had that.

This episode also brought back some Castle and Beckett couple interaction. Oh, so they ARE a couple. Based on most of the previous three episodes a casual viewer tuning in might not have guessed they were together, much less engaged.

Last season Kate Beckett enjoyed spending time at Richard Castle’s loft, sleepovers and all, and he joined her at her place as well. When Beckett begins exerting her issues with some of Castle’s décor, like Linus the predatory lion picture staring on the wall overlooking Castle’s bed, this is Beckett seeing Castle’s loft as more than just a place to visit – she is seeing it as her home.

Castle isn’t so sure he wants his lion photo relegated to a new room like his office. The lion photo was one of the first things he purchased when his writing career took off – it’s a symbol of his success. It is one of the pieces that hold meaning because it has a story – file that away because it will be brought up later.

Anyways, the case: we have a woman that turned years studying primates into a relationship handbook for humans and then parlayed that into a relationship coach for the rich and famous. Plenty of suspects, plenty of twists and turns and it leads to a diamond the size of someone’s fist. But where did she get it? Who did she steal it from and who had her murdered?

The case in general was decent. There was a few possible suspects including Castle and Beckett looking at the victim’s boyfriend, but that didn’t pan out. There was also some action for Kevin Ryan and Javier Esposito as they were charged with getting the diamond checked out. This led to them being rammed in their car by another vehicle and ambushed. They were shot at by a bunch of clowns, literally. They were guys in clown masks.

What I liked about the “B” story is that it spurred the relationship of Castle and Beckett but also Esposito and Ryan – of course Ryan began reading the victim’s book and of course he has to share bits and pieces. It seems there is always a masculine and feminine in these partner relationships, and of course Esposito lets Ryan know he is the masculine one – after all Ryan is wearing a sweater vest. It is always nice to see Ryan get all flustered when Esposito gets him.

Oh and Castle tries to get back at Beckett for suggesting he move his lion photo. He states since her desk at her office is also a shared space, between them, he has to admit he doesn’t like the elephant figurines that inhabit her desk. “If you don’t like the elephants, then I don’t like the elephants” Beckett tells him barely able to contain her smile. Castle quickly back-pedals saying he really does like the elephants – knowing if she concedes to the removal of the elephants then he has to remove his lion photo.

What of the case? The diamond wasn’t real, as stated, it was man-made. It was a process perfected by a very rich man now, but as a younger man, he had sold the patent to another company. When he sold it the process didn’t completely work but when he tried it again, just to give his wife a gift, he made it work and he started to use the process to create diamonds which made him wealthy.

The relationship coach found out and threatened to expose them. But it wasn’t the man who perfected the diamond making – it was the wife.

The end scene had Castle fans spewing rainbows of happiness, for the most part.

Castle walks Beckett into his bedroom with her eyes closed. When he tells her to open them she notices the lion photo is gone and in its place is a group framed seashells. Castle tells her he kept the seashells they collected on their first walk on the beach in the Hamptons. He said so many things in his loft are part of his stories but this, the framed shells, is part of their story. Beckett says she loves their story and she hugs him.

Of course, the ever mischievous Castle still has to give Beckett some grief. As she is hugging him a lion starts growling and he smiles as Beckett lifts up his phone. He was making the sound on his phone.

“Look, if you are scared you can sleep on my side of the bed tonight,” he tells her as if he is making a big sacrifice. “Deal,” Beckett says as they walk off screen.

A perfect opportunity for a Castle and Beckett kiss and again the audience is denied any real physical contact, beside Beckett hugging Castle. It is getting kind of frustrating and for me the lack of physical contact is taking away from the telling of the stories because I spend the whole episode hoping to see a kiss or a touch from Castle and Beckett, and kind of sad and depressed when I don’t see it at the end of the episode.

Stana Katic (Beckett) and Nathan Fillion (Castle) were both off a few days during the filming of this episode.  Katic  was promoting her film CBGB and Fillion was filming a guest spot on Community. I thought the Creasey’s did an excellent job balancing the episode for the days they weren’t there, a lot better job than writers from the previous three episodes who had Katic and Fillion for the full filming days.

And I will say this until I start seeing it – KATE BECKETT WEAR YOUR ENGAGEMENT RING!