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Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×10 “Thanksgiving” Recap


By Tim O’Halloran

This past week of Brooklyn Nine-Nine took on turkey day in their Thanksgiving episode, which – and I’m going to be upfront – was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The episode started off with the precinct starting their game of “Boyle Bingo” which consisted of a board made up of Boyle-based Thanksgiving scenarios. This was a great runner throughout the entire episode.

Now the episode centered around the Thanksgiving that Amy was having at her house. Jake Peralta is doing everything he can to get out of going. He desperately wants an open case so he has to stay and work.

Meanwhile, Terry’s food has gone bad because Boyle left the fridge open. He has to eat ten thousand calories a day in order to keep his muscles up.

Once everyone is at the dinner, Amy starts into her 8-page, single space, double sided (dubbed Santiago Style) speech when Captain Holt gets a call. Someone stole a bunch of cash from the evidence lockup. Jake is psyched because it’s finally an open case that gets him out of staying at the dinner.

At the dinner, the toilet overflows because everyone was flushing their food. It is awful. So, they take the party to a bar. They get their lead and head out in search for their suspect. This is where they start what I hope is a long running bit throughout the series: Barley and Jimes (Gimes?)!

Amy is drowning her sorrows in a glass of whiskey, while Terry is trying to eat anything and everything. He’s downing bar pretzles and even convinces the bartender to call the chef back in. Gina tells Amy that she just needs to relax and let loose around Captain Holt if she wants to interact with him better. Amy lets loose and chucks her glass, breaking the bar mirror, getting them tossed out, and causing their party to move yet again, keeping Terry away from his precious calories.

Captain and Jake find the perp from the surveillance footage, but it turns out he doesn’t have the cash. This is great for Jake because they get to go searching for the bookie who does have the cash.

This leads them to a very odd Mahjong gambling house. Jake gets into it. He’s either doing very well or very poorly. Finally the Captain spots someone guarding the men’s room. They scope it out and Jake peeks in and finds that a lot of illegal stuff is going on. They bust the room and get the cash.

Captain Holt makes one of his patented great speeches here (break out the awww’s). He tells Jake that just because his past Thanksgivings have been awful that he just needs to find his new family and start some new tradition (aww).

This convinces Jake and he shows up suited up, and enjoys the meal put together by Boyle from all the various take out places that were still open.

Again, getting everyone together as part of one or two stories makes for some of the best episodes of the show. And again, getting a decent amount of real character moments from other characters besides Jake is really filling out the world of the show nicely.

Oh and finally, I really hope some amazing Barley and Jimes fanfic starts popping up on the internet. I’m very excited for that possibility.

Grade: A