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America’s Next Top Model 20×15 Recap: Finale, Part 1 “The Finalists Shoot Their Guess Campaign”


By Angelica Consuelo Valera

Ready? Round 1… FIGHT! The finale has arrived, my ANTM friends. And the final 3 — Jourdan, Cory and Marvin — are on their toes with one another for the coveted title and corresponding prizes.

For tonight’s episode, two surprises were in store. Also, true colors are revealed.

Part 1 of the finale starts off with the three contestants arriving home from panel to Jourdan’s photo showcased on the TV screen. Ahhh, Miss Jourdan and her best photos. She then revealed this one is her fifth. Say WHAATTT?! Daaaammnnn. Yes, girl’s got game.

Anyhow, before heading to their beauty rest, they all reflected back on elimination, expressing relief over Chris H.’s departure and Marvin was regretful over the lack of a romantic farewell with Renee. He gets sentimental and admitted, saying, “I don’t think she knows how much I like her.” Oh Marvin boy, she’ll know soon enough.

The following day was their Guess campaign photo shoot. Much to the trio’s surprise, almost every past contestant was brought back to the competition, but for one reason only — to support their fellow contestants still in the running. Naturally, this stirred up mixed emotions, especially for Jourdan. As wonderful as the thought was to bring back contestants for support purposes, this time around had Jourdan finding out what everyone really felt about her.

In last night’s elimination, the three were assigned team colors. Jourdan had a tangerine color, Marvin received blue while Cory got fuchsia. So for tonight, those colors came into effect. Each past contestant chose who he or she wanted to support for the finale, and once chosen, would receive that contestant’s team color to wear. Surprise, surprise! One by one, they came out as Wujek called them to join their team. What it came down to was about half of them on Cory’s side and about half on Marvin’s. In fact, Wujek noticed the trend and managed to emphasize the unnecessary — “Hey Jourdan, think the next one could be yours? Who do you think it could be?” In response, Jourdan painfully replies, “I hope so… I don’t know, Nina maybe?” And that’s where she’s wrong. Nina appears… WITH FUCHSIA ON. Sorry Jourdan darlin’!

So, where did that leave Jourdan’s support group? Hold up! There’s one more. Who’s missing? The seconds ticked by as Wujek announced Chris H.’s name. Where would he go? Marvin? Cory? Maybe Jourdan’s lucky penny? *snort* Then, he comes out… and… he’s wearing… TANGERINE! Awwww, Jourdan. The one guy she was so relieved to have left has returned and in her honor. Hah! What are the odds, eh?

After support teams are established, Wujek explains to the three finalists that they are about to shoot their Guess campaign. Thus, they all head to hair and makeup with their support groups in tow. We are shown them all catching up with one another and giving the finalists words of encouragement. At one point, Marvin asks former contestant and pal, Jeremy, why he didn’t go with Jourdan. Of course, Jeremy immediately said, “Because I believe in you more” followed by the typical “That’s what’s up” handshake.

Next, the photo shoot commenced. And I have to say, much to my surprise… they all had a rocky start. All three choked at the start of their shoots, over thinking their poses and not exuding high fashion. The photographer of this shoot was particularly strict, a lot more vocal than others they’d had during the competition. He was not very patient with the three of them at first, even to the point of saying, “Don’t get me angry!” and argued with Wujek. Once, he got riled up by Cory’s support group. As a result, he yelled at them, especially Jiana, clearly annoyed and said, “Hey, shut it! No wonder you’re not here anymore… because you don’t listen!” Ouch.

When it came to Marvin, he pressed that Marvin wasn’t giving him model at all. It wasn’t until after he asked for Marvin’s group to make some noise for him, did he finally show something worthy enough for a Guess ad.

Then Jourdan’s turn came, and for the photographer, she wasn’t her usual, charming, experienced self. Apparently, she was giving energy in her body but her face was flat and eyes were dead. The poor girl started explaining in an interview how sweaty and uncomfortable she was getting. By this time, the photographer noticed that Jourdan’s leg wasn’t up to par with the rest of the shot and started yelling at her to freeze her leg long enough to get a good shot. She couldn’t. Wujek felt for Jourdan and suggested that she receive assistance just for her tired leg. The photographer snapped at him. This initiated an argument between the two creatives. Finally, the photographer softened up. Jourdan livened up. Whoa. He got the shots he wanted. All’s better!

Right after their shoot, they were to film some scenes for the campaign. The support groups were extras to a love triangle storyline. Jourdan was the other girl, Marvin was the secret lover and Cory was the abusive boyfriend. A couple more extras were Laura James, last season’s winner and panel super judge, Rob Evans.

Apparently, Jourdan could totally relate as she has never failed to repeat the life she had with her abusive past husband. Marvin was in the zone and pulled off the secret romance with Jourdan despite his claims of not being able to act in love with her. Groan. Cue his “I wished it was Renee” spiel. Cory, being gay, complained a little that he wasn’t having as much fun as the other two were — notably after needing to make-out with Jourdan and get slightly more physical with her.

Jourdan adorably grinned and claimed, “I loved it.” Haha!

But, before the day was over, Wujek added a twist to the competition. He informed the past contestants their eligibility to earn a hefty amount of cash (*cough* 10K! *cough*) for the team with the winner of the runway walk. That being said, any of the contestants could move to another team if he or she didn’t think that finalist would make it.

At this point, Marvin’s team noted their loyalty to their guy. However, Cory had a couple doubters, and only one of them proved to stick by his side — Chlea. Mike showed apprehension towards Cory’s ability to walk well, and in the end, chose to move over to Team Jourdan. He reasoned that he had bills to pay. Well, good riddance to you, Mike! Cory doesn’t need you anyways! He has his cheerleaders.

And that was a wrap on their shoot.

Back at the house, the three were able to catch up with their loved ones. This evening, Cory spoke with his mother, Jourdan received some love from her boyfriend and Marvin shared a moment with his father on the phone before their career-changing runway performance.

Hold your breath, now! It’s runway time. The runway show is showcasing gowns and high-fashion menswear from prominent Indonesian designers. However, unknown to the finalists, Tyra went backstage to reveal that only two of them would be performing on the runway and out came the rest of the judges to join Tyra. You could probably hear a pin drop as the contestants stare at Tyra in a mixture of disbelief and anxiety.

That’s when the judges comment on each of their campaign photos. Jourdan was praised for her tooch, but Cutrone felt it was too Daisy Duke. Marvin wasn’t Guess ad enough, although his face was stunning. And Cory wasn’t high fashion enough, either, but did manage to look more masculine for once. But who will be walking? Find out next time!