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America’s Next Top Model 20×14 “The Guy Who Becomes A Bat” Recap


By Angelica Consuelo Valera

The finale is soon approaching. America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 20 (or 2.0) is the first season featuring guys and girls. So far, it’s been a tight race between both sexes, however, I will admit… the guys are taking the cake so far.

Last week, Nina and Jeremy were sent home, leaving Chris H. with another chance to prove himself. However, the drama shot up the charts for him with the remaining contestants.

In tonight’s episode, as soon as panel was over, the contestants went back to the house and boy did confrontation transpire. The remaining guys and girls were still floored by the results, especially with Nina’s elimination. Considering she had two consecutive best photo weeks, it proved to them that nothing is guaranteed — it’s truly anyone’s game.

Jourdan and Cory were the most upset over Nina’s departure, mostly because of Chris H. Jourdan admitted that she was closest to Nina among the girls in the house, so it was weird seeing her go. Cory believed that Nina was the nicest contestant in the house, so it was hard for him, too. But what upset Cory the most was the reaction of Chris H. Jourdan and Cory are then shown discussing Chris’ “fake” performance at panel when Nina got the boot.

Cory felt that Chris’ tight embrace for Nina was a bunch of bullshit considering how his behavior towards her in the latest challenges and photo shoots said otherwise. For once, Cory blew his top and really went at Chris’ jugular. Honestly, it was a long-time coming. I had an inkling that Cory’s frustration was building and it was just a matter of time before it finally reared its repressed head. Jourdan, of course, aired her two cents, and Renee was straight to the point — “Yes, I believe you should’ve gone home.”

Marvin, somehow, was nowhere to be found during the altercation. Anyhow, going back to Chris H… he became fed up trying to fit in and basically said “F#&K you all!” Honestly, he’s either misunderstood or hypocritical. Even I can’t tell sometimes. Either way, it’s a competition… they all need to concern themselves with themselves.

The next day, they had a fitness challenge, and the prize is to be featured in a workout video with previous ANTM winner, Laura James and panel judge/supermodel Rob Evans. In order to win the challenge, the contestants were grouped off by sex — Jourdan vs. Renee, and Marvin vs. Cory vs. Chris H. The first part of their challenge were a series of workouts, and whomever finished first received a 3-second head start on the stairwell challenge. Renee ended up finishing first despite Jourdan’s initial claims that she could easily beat her, so therefore, she earned the advantage. Among the guys, the first was Marvin, then Cory, and last, Chris H.

Watching them going through the stairwell was quite a hoot because three of them, namely Marvin, Renee and Jourdan, were just about dead in the middle of their climb up to the finish line, where Laura awaited them with a lanyard necklace. In fact, Jourdan was not only short of breath, but practically passed out from exhaustion. Sadly, I could relate back in the day during P.E. activities — that feeling of blacking out because you didn’t have enough fuel. Renee, who did finish first, sat on the side, thinking about how dramatic she thought Jourdan was acting.

Also, since Marvin had the headstart among the guys, he eventually won, although Cory was following closely behind. Almost, Cory, almost!  Oh well. Marvin even claimed how his legs were turning to jello on the way up, which could’ve provided Cory with a slight advantage… but Marvin boy pulled through. Lucky him!

In the end, Marvin and Renee (aka Marnee) won the challenge and a nice getaway to a relaxing and tranquil spa treatment. Naturally, Marvin felt like he was on Cloud 9 because he’s never done anything of the sort before, and secondly, he was able to spend some private time with his girl. Now let’s all go, awwwwwww… haha!

Surely, we get a glimpse of Marnee romance, which, for me, felt a bit intrusive. Endearing as it may have been, I wasn’t interested in seeing them cuddling and kissing each other.

The following day is their photo shoot. The theme? Bats. Wonderful. They get to emulate these screechy creatures, how fun! Of course, none of them were too thrilled to be modeling beside these guys, but it is what it is. However, Cory seemed fascinated by them and mentioned their texture of their skin. Hmmm. Marvin noted that he views them as large rats that can fly *eyeroll* and how much rats scared him as a kid, and still do. Renee just managed an uncomfortable face. The rest were eh.

During the shoot, they all donned these outfits with bat-like wings. Each contestant had a different color designated to them. When it came down to performance, Jourdan, Marvin, and Chris H. received the best feedback. Apparently, Cory teetered more toward androgyny rather than masculinity. Renee fell back in her performance and lost her focus toward the end of the shoot. According to Wujek and the photographer, she was repetitive and unresponsive to feedback. Likely, we got another dose of drama when she starts to feel sick being hung upside-down for so long. Concerned boy toy Marvin was shown in the background wondering what was going on with his lady love as his eyes anxiously searched for answers from the crew.

Jourdan is then shown on the side remarking how Renee got a taste of her own medicine, believing that Renee was being a baby. A few minutes later, Renee is shown being comforted by Marvin with his arm embracing her and a peck on the lips.

After the shoot, they arrived home to Tyra mail. This time, there was no number of remaining contestants on the screen. Anxiety runs through their heads. Is it the end for one or two of them?

Panel arrives. They all nervously await their fate as they stood next to each other on the elevated stage.

One-by-one they’re called for critique. Jourdan received rave reviews yet again. Tyra gushed how the photo exuded high fashion. Marvin got the approval stamp and Tyra commented on how gorgeous his face looked in the photo. Cory earned mixed reactions from the panel — Evans seems to have a thing against androgyny, claiming Cory’s pose needed to be more masculine. Cutrone just bluntly disagrees. Tyra said, “You see? You gotta turn them into believers. Make them all love it.” Cory even politely interrupted Evans, emphasizing that he wants that balance. In the end, he earned average scores from the judges, except Tyra. Oh, what a Mama Bear :p

Unfortunately, Chris H. and Renee failed to impress. Chris H.’s facial expression in his photo annoyed them, and he just looked generally stiff. Renee was told it’s like Day 1 all over again, and that she could do so much better. Tyra noted, “I know it’s in you, so I don’t know what happened.”

After all that was said and done, Jourdan is triumphant for the billionth time. Marvin latched on as second best and the bottom three went to Chris H., Cory and Renee. As usual, the social media scores rolled off on the side, everyone tuned in with bated breath. First one to go was Renee (oh NO! There goes Marnee!) and last to go was Chris H.

Marvin’s reaction was surprisingly sad, but composed; as a parting gift, Renee goes to hug him. Chris H. left much to be desired with nothing but a respectful handshake between him and the remaining contestants. To top it off, we are shown a glimpse of Cory’s civil, yet dismissive attitude towards him. Good riddance, perhaps? Now that the drama target has been removed, we are left wondering what surprises are in store for next week. Who’s next to walk the plank? Sound off below!