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The Originals 1×04 “Girl in New Orleans” Recap


By Meagan Dunn

We open with Klaus talking about good and evil and how people only do what is in their best interest and not others.

Cami asks why Klaus invited her out with him and he tells her it’s because she is capable of understanding his complexity and he enjoys her company. He tells her that he wants to free Davina and protect Haley. He offers Cami a job writing his memoirs. He tells her about vampires and witches, that he plans to go to war with Marcel, and compels her not to be afraid. He promises to tell her all about it after she talks to him about Marcel.

Davina asks Marcel for permission to attend the night’s festival. He says no because it’s too dangerous with the witches out. Davina reminds him what she is capable of by making his blood boil. He agrees to let her go out, but says she has to go with Cami.

Cami tells Klaus she refused to take Davina out. Klaus forces her to call Marcel and take Davina out.

Haley is sitting with a witch who says she made an appointment with a doctor in the bayou for a check up on the baby.

Rebekah is searching online for the building with the attic she saw Elijah in. Klaus taunts her. He tells her he thinks Davina and Marcel’s relationship is strained and plans to approach Davina and offer a new alliance.

Rebekah asks Marcel’s inner circle if he is dating anyone and they insist Cami is his only interest.

Marcel sets vampires up at posts and states no Originals and no witches for the festival. Marcel makes Davina promise to talk to no one about anything supernatural.

The witch sends Haley in to “the doctor” and as she goes in, the witch makes a call and tells them to move in quickly.

Cami pries for information from Davina.  Davina wanted to see Tim from school because she never got to say goodbye.

Rebekah goes into a church that she thinks houses Elijah. The priest tells her one of their own massacred other priests in the church. She finds Elijah in his coffin. Elijah pulls her into a dream and tells her Davina negiated  the dagger effect by pulling it out and putting it back. Elijah says he is going to stay and negotiate a truce once he wakes. He makes Rebekah swear to protect Haley.

Back at the bayou, Haley suspects foul play. Rebekah texts to ask where she is. She tells her. The doctor tries to inject her, but Haley gets away. Men come in to take Haley, but she runs.

Klaus makes Cami trick Davina with a note from Tim. Tim and Davina meet in the church she lives in. Davina tells him she misses him and he plays her a song. Klaus approaches Cami who is in the church as well. Cami tells him her brother was the one who massacred all the people in the church.

The priest Rebekah thought she compelled was on vervain and tells Marcel she was snooping around the church. One the minions tells Marcel they lost eyes on Cami and Davina. Marcel leaves.

Klaus walks in and tells Davina Marcel keeps her locked up and that he can offer her freedom and safety. Davina doesn’t take the bait and Klaus threatens to kill Tim if she doesn’t swear allegiance. She hurts Klaus with magic, but Klaus corrects it tells her going up against him is a mistake. She blows out the church windows in a fit of rage.

Haley taps in her wolf side and takes down a few of her trackers. Rebekah shows up to help. Haley suspects the witches. Both get taken down with arrows.

Marcel asks Cami where Davina is. She tells him St. Anne’s Church.

Davina wakes up from her fit. Tim asks Klaus not to hurt him. Klaus says he didn’t want to, but he ran out of time to be nice. He throws Tim off the balcony and Davina thinks she did it. Klaus heals him at Devina’s request then tells her he owes her a favor and disappears. Marcel comes in to the church and asks Davina what’s she doing. She tells him she lives there.

Klaus walks in on Rebekah and asks what happened. Someone killed all the attackers. A wolf howls and they say it protected Haley. Haley approaches beat up, but healed. They say it was Klaus’ baby’s blood.

Rebekah enters a bar and taunts Marcel saying she’s his one true love. Marcel says its Cami and tells her to stay out of the bar.

Klaus goes to Cami and tells her to stop searching for answers about her brother and he will find her killer. Cami begs him not to compel her but he does it anyway.

Elijah wakes up and tells Davina they need to talk.