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The Originals 1×02 “House of the Rising Son” Recap


For those of you who missed out on the premiere, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) – through voiceover – recaps what has been going on.

He lets us know that he and his siblings are the first vampires to exist in all of history. They’re known as The Originals. They were the ones who built New Orleans three centuries ago. A plot amongst the witches lured him back to New Orleans to defeat a tyrant, Marcel, who is a vampire that Klaus created.

Elijah (Daniel Gillies), his brother, hopes he will find redemption through the power of family. Haley (Phoebe Tonkin), the werewolf, is pregnant with his baby. Rebekah (Claire Holt), his sister, thinks he is beyond saving. Klaus has other plans and just wants to reclaim New Orleans for himself and call himself King.

We move to Marcel’s narration in the next scene. He tells us about the tourists who visit New Orleans – tourists who are looking for something “dark” get invited to his club where, at midnight, the vampires feed on them. We see Marcel telling Klaus all this as they are looking down on the action from a balcony.

Klaus asks about all the dead bodies and Marcel tells him that missing persons means less tourists. So, they heal them, erase their memories, and send them off. One of Marcel’s minions approaches and tells him that six of their men were killed, but they don’t know who did it.

We then change scenes to Rebekah driving into town and she is wiping blood off her face quite happily. (I think we have our who, everybody!)

Rebekah pulls up in front of the Mikaelson residence, leaving Elijah a message about not answering his phone and that he is the only reason she returned to New Orleans. She enters the house, only to find Haley. She asks, “who the hell are you?” Rebekah mistakes her for the maid, but quickly realizes she is the girl carrying Klaus’ miracle baby.

Rebekah asks about Elijah and Haley tells her that he made her promises and then bailed, according to Klaus. Rebekah tells Haley that Elijah doesn’t break promises. She then goes through the house screaming for Klaus to come out and tell her what he did.

Klaus appears rather quickly. He and Rebekah get into a heated argument. He accuses her of killing the six vampires, which she admits because “they were rude.” She demands to know what Klaus did with Elijah. He says he is on holiday taking a long autumn nap upstairs. He tells her to look around and that she probably remembers the house as well as he does. She says she remembers everything.

Flashback – New Orleans – 1820

Rebekah tells us that the governor, at the time, hid their vampire discrepancies in exchange for gold. Rebekah was in love with the governor’s son and wanted to turn him into a vampire. Klaus and Elijah told her no. After Klaus felt insulted by the governor’s son, Klaus threw him over a banister and killed him.


Klaus tells Rebekah that the son wasn’t good enough for her. She says he made sure no one ever was and asks about Elijah again. Klaus ignores her and says he is going back out with Marcel. He says friends tell secrets when they drink and he intends to find all of Marcel’s. Rebekah tells Haley she is searching the house inch by inch to find out what her evil brother has done with her good one and that Haley is going to help.

Rebekah reveals it’s the old governor’s house that they are staying in. Rebekah takes them to a secret room filled with coffins. Haley asked if Klaus killed Elijah. Rebekah tells her they cannot be killed, but Klaus finds ways to torture them with mystical silver daggers, which send them into a deep mystical sleep for decades at a time.

Rebekah tells her Elijah’s coffin isn’t there. Rebekah tells her she should have run when Elijah went missing. Haley tells Rebekah that the witches have cursed her and she can’t leave New Orleans or she dies. Rebekah tells her that when Haley gives birth, Klaus probably intends to kill her, so she should figure out how to break the curse and run.

Later, we see Sophie Deveraux (Daniella Pineda) working the bar. A door slams and Sophie investigates, thinking it’s Marcel trying to scare her. But it’s actually Rebekah.

Rebekah and Sophie walk through a graveyard. Rebekah reveals that the dagger in her brother is magical and she wants a locator spell done on it. Sophie says no because using magic in New Orleans is punishable by death. Rebekah asks how Marcel got so powerful. Sophie tells her that Marcel somehow knows when they do magic.

Rebekah tells her to leave New Orleans. Sophie reveals the witches practice ancestral magic, meaning they draw power from the dead witches in the cemetery. So if they leave, they are powerless. It would mean giving up their legacy.

Rebekah tells her she is a fool thinking she can turn Klaus against Marcel and talks about Marcel being like a son to Klaus.

Another Flashback

Rebekah reveals that the governor had another son, who was a slave. Klaus sees him being whipped during the governor’s firstborn son’s funeral. The boy throws an apple at the man whipping him and Klaus, taking an interest in the boy, kills the man before he can do anything.

The boy doesn’t have a name, so Klaus names him Marcellus after the God of War. Klaus liked him because he resembled himself at that age, with Klaus having gone through his own share of abuses at the hands of his father.

Back to the Present

Rebekah calls Sophie stupid again because she was reuniting two long lost friends with no Elijah between them to stop them from wreaking havoc.

Back at the bar, Klaus joins Marcel. Klaus points out that Marcel likes the bartender, Camille (Leah Pipes).

Marcel says the coroner called with two “dead” tourists. Klaus stops the bartender as she is leaving, forcing Marcel to make a move. Marcel invites her out that night and she tells him she will take it under consideration.

We then see Haley running up to a shop. She asks the witch who owns the shop for wolfsbane. The witch notes that it is a poison and asks if she’s trying to kill a wolf. Haley replies, “just a little one,” as they both look down at her stomach. The witch tells her to take it as tea. As Haley walks away, the witch calls someone and tells them they can gain some points by telling Marcel that there is a werewolf in his quarter.

Remember those two “dead” tourists Marcel was talking about? Marcel and Klaus walk up to them and explain that they need/want to feed on human blood; if they don’t, they will die (it’s the last transition to becoming a full-fledged vampire.) Marcel tell them that he will flip a coin and whoever picks it up lives; the other dies.

The girl grabs it and tells her friend that he is a wimp. Marcel kills her and says he has a thing about friends who betray others.

Flashback Again

Rebekah and Marcel are participating in fencing lessons when he is still a boy and, as they are dueling, he tells Rebekah that he’s going to marry her someday.

After a bit of a flashforward, Marcel – now a grown man – advances on Rebekah seductively but stops short when Klaus walks in on them.


Marcel shoots up to a balcony where Rebekah was watching him and asks if she is there to teach him another lesson. He says that the last time he saw her, she ran fleeing her father, leaving Marcel by himself. Rebekah says she thought he was dead and Marcel tells her that she never looked back to find out.

He wants to know why she is there. She mentions Elijah and Marcel tells her to stop, because getting in the middle of a Mikaelson feud never ends well. Marcel doesn’t want any drama.


Marcel tells Klaus that nothing is going on between him and Rebekah. Klaus asks for honesty and Marcel admits that he likes her, but he hasn’t acted on it. Klaus tells him he never will because he, himself, is Rebekah’s only constant. Klaus promises Marcel that he will turn him into a vampire when the time is right.


Rebekah tells Marcel that she will kill him if she finds out he knows where Elijah is. Marcel says he can’t help her and leaves.

Later, Klaus and Marcel are at a bar. Marcel storms in upset, asking why Klaus didn’t tell him Rebekah was in town. Marcel accuses her of being the one to kill the six vampires. Klaus denies it, making a backhanded comment about her only wanting high school quarterbacks (a reference to Matt from The Vampire Diaries.) Marcel gets a call about a werewolf in the quarter; he wants its head brought to him.

Elsewhere, Haley is sitting alone on a bench with her wolfsbane tea, trying to talk herself into drinking it. Vampires suddenly show up to kill her, but Rebekah manages to kill all but one, protecting Haley.

Back at the house, Klaus is furious with them as they pile up bodies on the lawn. He tells Haley she was meant to stay in the house and tells Rebekah she has done enough damage to his plan to take Marcel’s “kingdom.” Rebekah tells him he has no plan and that he is self-destructive. Klaus then reveals that he killed the two tourists to get one in Marcel’s inner circle as a spy.

He then went after Marcel’s love interest, the bartender, by compelling her to go on a date with him and report back to him about where Marcel goes. He also reveals that Marcel has made his men drink vervain (poisonous in large doses to vampires and stops them from being able to compel.)

He intends to drain the one vampire Rebekah didn’t kill of the vervain and compel him to lie about the other vamps that Rebekah murdered. Klaus demands to know what Haley was doing in the quarter and she tells him she was going to drink wolfsbane tea. Klaus loses it and tries to choke Haley to death. Rebekah stops him and tells him he acts like he doesn’t care, but the minute Haley was ready to end it, Klaus got upset.

Rebekah makes it clear that she and Elijah are on his side. Klaus calms down and admits he gave Elijah to Marcel to make him less nervous about The Originals returning to town. Klaus says he plans to dismantle Marcel’s empire and fulfill Elijah’s wishes for the baby to be born. He also tells Rebekah that if she doesn’t like it, she can leave.

Haley joins Rebekah on the porch and thanks her for her help with Klaus. Haley asks how she can love and hate Klaus at the same time. Rebekah tells her that Klaus had killed all her lovers to protect her because they were not good enough until she stopped caring for men. Eventually, a man came along who was good enough.


Marcel advances on Rebekah again and Klaus threatens to kill him, but he doesn’t at Rebekah’s pleading. He daggers Rebekah instead, while telling her she needs to learn a lesson.

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Haley asks why Rebekah doesn’t just get Elijah back herself. Rebekah says that crossing her brother will put her back in the casket. Haley produces the remaining magical daggers so Rebekah can go after Elijah without fear from Klaus.

Marcel and the bartender, Cami, are alone in the bar having a drink. Rebekah bursts in and demands to know where her Elijah is being kept. She threatens to kill Marcel, but when he doesn’t take the bait, she threatens Cami’s life. Finally, Marcel agrees to take her to Elijah and compels Cami to forget everything she saw. He promises to make it up to her later.

Elijah’s coffin is in Davina’s (Danielle Campbell) room and Rebekah has to be invited in. She tries to un-dagger Elijah, but Davina forces the dagger back down with magic. Rebekah demands to know who she is.

She introduces herself as Davina. Marcel tells Davina that Rebekah is an Old One and she hasn’t been nice to him tonight. Davina slams Rebekah against the walls with magic until it throws her out of the room and out the balcony.


Klaus un-daggers Rebekah after 52 years. He tells that he gave Marcel a choice – to become a vampire and therefore immortal… or to remain human and live out the rest of his life with Rebekah. In the end, Marcel chose immortality.


Rebekah wakes up in her old room with Marcel standing over her. He tells her that it’s his room now, his town, his Davina, etc. He warns her not to touch Cami again now that she knows what she is dealing with.

At the Mikaelson residence, Klaus peeks in on Haley sleeping. Haley, who wasn’t actually sleeping, tells him she didn’t drink the tea. She was passed around as a kid so much and she wasn’t going to let anyone hurt her kid the way she was. Klaus tells her that they are a lot alike – both are castoffs from their families and they both fight when backed into a corner.

Haley asks why Marcel and Klaus are on such bad terms when they were like family before. Klaus tells her that after their father chased them out from New Orleans, they thought Marcel was dead. Little did they know that Marcel was very much alive, but instead of seeking Klaus out, Marcel took everything Klaus had instead and made it his own. Klaus says his stamp is not for Marcel, but for Mikaelson.

Rebekah walks in and tells Klaus about Davina. When he asks where she is, Rebekah can’t remember. She says Davina wiped her memory of the location, which makes her more powerful than an Original and now they have Elijah. Klaus says he did what he had to do because Marcel took their home. Rebekah tells him home is worthless without family and she will do whatever it takes to get Elijah back. Klaus agrees.

Davina is in her room scribbling in charcoal on a paper. Marcel walks in and apologizes for Rebekah’s intrusion. Davina says she isn’t scared of any of them. Marcel tells her they are here to stay. Davina says they don’t belong here and Marcel asks her for a favor while looking over at Elijah’s coffin.

The favor being how to kill an Original.

Written by: Meagan Dunn