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‘The Mindy Project’ Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: “Magic Morgan”

the mindy project magic morgan

This episode deals with the repercussions of Mindy’s breakup and how Mindy is dealing with them – by that, I mean, not well.

First off, she cries in bed to some ‘Les Mis’ tunes, next she tries to order a glass noodle salad – but she doesn’t fulfill the delivery minimum – and then she throws away some of Casey’s old things. As she throws the things away though, she finds her and Casey’s photobooth picture. She chooses to keep the “Big Four,” and these will come into play later on in the episode.

Clearly, she’s not in a right state of mind, since she goes to work in her Fat Steps and jeans. On her way up the stairs, she trips on a delivery box. She finds the owner of the fish oils, Cliff Gilbert, attorney-at-law, played by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s Glenn Howerton. Immediately their relationship seems to play off like a mixture of her and Josh’s relationship and her and Danny’s relationship.

Cliff proves to her how she cannot sue him because she would clearly lose, as she is negligent for opening his mail in the first place. After a quick banter back and forth, she departs by tripping on another one of his boxes and accusing him of having an online shopping addiction.

Jeremy gathers the whole office around to show off their new sign that reads, “Peerson, Castellano, Reed and Prentice, OB/GYN.” Unfortunately for Mindy, she now has to tell the office that she and Casey broke up and she won’t be Mrs. Peerson anymore. We also get to see a little more of Peter, Adam Pally’s character, and Danny gives off a vibe that he doesn’t want him around.

I don’t blame him, Peter’s still acting like a jerk, telling Mindy that “[H]e had his reasons” for dumping her and “it’s better this way for him.” Mindy tries to leave quickly by saying she’s taking her “heartache days.” Jeremy has to tell her that those days don’t exist. Poor Mindy has to suffer through the rest of the workday despite her heartache.

Luckily for her, Morgan tries to make her feel better in the break room by telling her that all the women he dates quickly dump him and then end up finding the loves of their lives right after. Mindy has no time to listen though, as she is sad and just wants to eat her snack.

Later on in the break room, Danny walks in on Morgan, Betsy, and Beverly watching Peter attempt the Cinnamon Challenge. As Danny asks what’s going on, Peter turns around and spits out the cinnamon right onto his face. Furious and cinnamon-covered, Danny barges into Jeremy’s room demanding to get rid of Peter. But because Danny was off with Mindy at the music festival last episode, leaving Jeremy alone with everyone’s patients, he gets no say in the matter and Jeremy decides that they’re keeping him.

That night, Mindy gets drunk while staring at the photobooth pictures. She starts hallucinating and talking to the picture-version of her and Casey. She confesses that she wants to stop feeling this way and wants to skip all of the sadness. That’s when her photo-version suggests she go to the gym, but real-Mindy shuts her up by calling her a skank.

Mindy’s interrupted by Morgan at her door with sour cream and sugar instead of ice cream. I mean, I guess that’s pretty much the same thing. Morgan tells her that she’s not the only heartbroken one, since his last girlfriend is now engaged. This comment sparks Mindy’s memory and she tells Morgan to use his magic on her. Mindy slamming Morgan into the fridge and kissing him leads into the commercial break.

Morgan tries to calm Mindy down by stuffing her in a pizza box, which works. But then she starts crying, which prompts Morgan to agree to sleep with her so she can get rid of her misery.

Back at the hospital, in the men’s locker room, Peter’s telling a story of a double date he once had. He asks Danny to act as him, while he acts as his date. He then shows how his date grabbed his “junk,” by grabbing at Danny’s penis. Danny freaks out and leaves the room yelling, “That’s my penis! Mine!”

As Mindy’s brushing her teeth and preparing to have sex with Morgan, she realizes what exactly she’s about to do. Mindy decides to not go through with it, but Morgan’s already naked in her bed, surrounded by lit candles. She tells him to get out and take his clothes with him. As he stands and she sees him fully naked, she becomes paralyzed and disgusted and he becomes shocked and offended.

Jeremy and Danny attempt to fire Peter, who responds with a sort-of apology to Danny. He continues on to say that working at Schulman and Associates – do I still call it that? – makes him want to be a better doctor.

Jeremy’s easily swayed by his words (and the fact that his name’s already on the sign) and tells him that he gets a second chance. Peter’s still going to work as a doctor at their practice.

The next morning at work, Mindy (in her pajamas) gets a call from Cliff the lawyer. Thinking that he’s going to ask her out on a date, she refuses, but he’s actually calling to tell her that Morgan is suing her for sexual harassment.

Cliff, Morgan, Jeremy, Danny, and Mindy are all in a meeting to discuss Morgan’s suing Mindy for $200,000. However, Morgan says he will not sue if Mindy takes him out on a nice date. Jeremy and Danny immediately jump at the idea and tell her she has to do it, but she can’t wear her horrible Fat Steps.

That night, Danny, Jeremy, and Peter try to help Mindy find an outfit to wear to her dinner. Danny’s innocent suggestion brings Mindy to tears because he accidentally pulled out one of Casey’s shirts. Jeremy and Danny say they’re sorry about her breakup and Danny wisely tells her that she needs this. She has to leave the apartment or else she’ll just get worse.

As they walk out, Danny also pulls out Casey’s shirt and takes it with him so she doesn’t have to think about it anymore. Although I would’ve liked Danny to have helped Mindy get rid of Casey’s things in the same way she helped him burn Christina’s things, this simple gesture means the same.

On her date with Morgan, she spends most of the time texting until Morgan takes her phone away. They try to make small talk, but it doesn’t work out, since Morgan just tells her about his disastrous visit to Montreal. I’ll spare you the details.

In the hospital break room, Peter tells Danny and Jeremy that because he’s the new guy, he’s their “bitch” and he’ll do anything they want him to do – just like a frat.

At the end of their date, Morgan takes Mindy to his favorite place, the Quarry.  He tells her that he likes to come here to get things off his chest. They both yell into the rocks and listen to the echoes. Mindy yells, “Casey, I miss you. I hate this feeling.” When she’s done, she feels a little better.

Morgan gives her some more of his magic – no, not that magic – when he tells her, “You can’t force yourself to get over someone, but it’ll happen.” Before they leave, Mindy kisses her photobooth pictures goodbye and throws it into the Quarry.

In the elevator, Mindy and Morgan encounter Cliff, who tells her that she looks better today, now in a dress, than yesterday. The episode ends with them walking out of the elevator and Cliff giving Mindy a smile.

Guess he’ll be her next romantic interest, although I’m pretty sure most of us are still vying for some Castellano loving.

Memorable Quotes

“Uh, how dare you? I’m adorable. I look like Keira Knightley running errands.”

“I thought he was Schulman?”
“I’m Castellano.”
“For real?!”

“Uh, I’ve never seen that film… Might be too young for that?”

“Danny, you smell delicious. Like a cup of cider I can’t wait to sip.”

“We’re nothing alike. He wears cargo shorts, I wear slacks. He surfs, I fear the ocean out of respect.”

“I’ve never done it in a bedroom before.”

“Open those blinds and let’s let the stars watch.”

“Uh, I should be suing you for 2 billion dollars because I had to see your entire buttcrack.”

“It’s important for me to speak for those that cannot speak.”
“What are you, The Lorax? What are you talking about?”

“See you in Judge Judy.”

“Okay, I’m gonna change you pedos. Get out.”

“And if I may quote most of my T-shirts, ‘Let’s get wet, ladies!’”