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The Good Wife 5×03 “A Precious Commodity” Recap


On this week’s episode of The Good Wife, Diane has to deal with the fall-out of her interview where she throws Will under the bus. It’s too little, too late when she receives word from her secretary that the interview isn’t necessary to secure her Supreme Court Justice nomination.

This causes huge ramifications for Diane, Will and the firm, with clients calling in about Diane’s interview and Will’s past transgressions. Alicia finds herself caught in the middle, with Will wanting Alicia to replace Diane as managing partner. Of course, Will’s offer is in direct conflict with Alicia’s plans to leave Lockhart-Gardner as soon as possible to start up her own firm with Cary and a bunch of fourth-year associates.

The case-of-the-week involves a surrogate mother refusing to terminate her pregnancy, despite news from the doctor that the fetus will be born with a slew of medical problems and will most likely not survive outside of the womb for very long. Alicia represents the surrogate after the biological parents sue in order to get the surrogate to go through with the abortion.

It’s actually a pretty interesting case. No doubt the court can’t take ownership of a woman’s body and force her to have an abortion, but it definitely made you a little sympathetic towards the biological mother’s plight – of her egg and DNA being in another woman’s body, a woman who was paid to carry her egg and DNA.

Meanwhile, Peter has re-hired previous head of the Ethics Committee, Marilyn Garbanza (Melissa George), after moving her to a different department at Eli’s behest – reason being that Marilyn’s good looks might give the public the wrong impression about former-cheating husband Peter. This plan backfires; instead, Peter comes out looking shady since he just fired someone with a reputation for being very ethical.

Will and Diane’s crumbling partnership, with Alicia continuing to move along her plans to leave Lockhart-Gardner right under the firm’s nose, is the most interesting storyline development in this episode. Diane’s actions are seen as a betrayal by Will and the rest of the firm, and Will makes no bones about wanting to push Diane out of the firm. They quickly make plans to negotiate an exit package for Diane. It’s the most cold, dismissive end to a long-running partnership.

Diane’s actions go beyond the reputation of the firm and a business partnership. It also means the end of her friendship with Will, which no one wants to see happen – least of all Diane. Will points out that Diane’s refusal to accept the exit package is just prolonging the inevitable and that she’ll come around eventually. It’s a sad thing, indeed.

I’m getting antsy to see Alicia and Cary finally leave the firm. The episode ends with Alicia strengthening her resolve to leave Lockhart-Gardner for good. The firm’s treatment of Diane and David Lee’s snake-like approach to the case-of-the-week are all the reasons why Alicia wanted to leave Lockhart-Gardner in the first place. Florrick-Agos, here we come!

Once Alicia and Cary make that leap to Florrick, Agos, and Associates, it’s going to be interesting to see how the duo fares as the “new and improved” Will and Diane. Building a firm from the ground up isn’t something we’ve seen on The Good Wife.

Also, given that Jess Weixler isn’t a regular, how much longer is Robyn sticking around? I hope Kalinda is the investigator that ends up going with Alicia and Cary, instead – especially since she just found out in this episode that Alicia is leaving the firm with Cary. Girl needs more screentime, that’s for sure.

Rating: B+

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