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Haven 4×07 “Lay Me Down” Recap


Nathan is having issues with Audrey pretending to be Lexie.

And Audrey finds it difficult to hold back her detective skills, as throughout the episode, “Lexie” comes up with some astute observations she has to wave off.

Duke is trying to deal with his brother Wade’s activated trouble. He has promised Audrey and Nathan he will watch out for his brother all the while trying to get him to leave Haven.

But guess what? Wade has no intention of leaving Haven. He has gotten a taste of the power his trouble gives him – when he kills a troubled person – and he likes it. So, basically, Wade has turned into a serial killer and a drug addict. His next victim, after killing Jordan in the previous episode, is a young Guard member. He lures her out of the bar he just met her in and kills her in a wooded area – soaking up her blood and feeling a sense of euphoria doing so.

Meanwhile, the trouble-of-the-week is people who are dying in their sleep. The first case is a drunk who is loitering at Duke’s bar. He drops him off at the Haven Police Department in Audrey and Nathan’s care. Yet, when they check on him in the jail cell, the man looks like he was the victim of an animal attack.

Soon there are more victims who have died in different, bizarre ways, except one. The young Guard member who was stabbed turns out to be the one that isn’t like the others.

Not all dreams are a killer. Nathan is also a victim but his dream is one we have all had – going to school naked and being unprepared for a quiz. His teacher is Audrey all dressed up with her hair in a bun and glasses. What is Nathan’s test? It is a multiple choice question on a blackboard. Who does Nathan love? Is it Audrey, Sarah, Lexie or none of the above? Nathan wakes up before he can answer.

Jennifer, who heard the voice of Audrey in the barn before she returned, applies for a job at the Haven Herald. Dave and Vince want to hire her in order to keep an eye on her. After all, she was the one who heard Audrey in the barn. After asking her to perform a background check on herself, the two brothers use the information to learn that Agent Howard was the one who handled Jennifer’s adoption. Why would Agent Howard do that? They all want to know.

So, who is causing people to die in their dreams? Turns out it is a young woman who delivers the Haven Herald and those on her route are the victims. But in a strange twist, she isn’t nefarious or evil. In fact, her trouble only affected her until a few days ago. It seems her trouble manifested to affect others after she was mugged.

Nathan and Audrey agree to help her with her trouble. After going into her dreams and facing her fears, including the two men who mugged her, the young woman overcomes her trouble of affecting other people with her dream trouble.

All is well, right? Wrong. Duke finds out what his brother is up to and knocks him out and locks him in a closet on his boat. When Jennifer arrives and hears Wade in the closet, claiming he locked himself in, Jennifer lets him out. He promptly attacks her, nicking her throat and enjoying the euphoria of her blood on his skin. Just as he is about to kill Jennifer, Duke arrives and tells Wade to stop or he will have to stop him. Wade doesn’t listen and Duke is forced to kill him. In doing so, it appears Duke has lost his trouble. Is that a good or a bad thing?

When Nathan and Audrey drop the young woman with the dream problems off at the hospital, Audrey notices a hand print on the young woman’s back. Nathan doesn’t see it. Audrey worries the troubles are mutating and the woman’s attack and mysterious hand-print has something to do with it.

Nathan and Audrey get into an argument at the end of the episode. Nathan can’t keep pretending Audrey is Lexie. Lexie says she has already made her point, that she loves him and won’t let anyone kill Nathan and end the trouble, and that is that. Nathan storms out, intending on leaving but he returns. He grabs Audrey and kisses her making it known that he will take her anyway he can get her.