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Castle 6×06 “Get a Clue” Recap


This episode of Castle seemed like a re-hashing of so many other episodes from previous seasons that I thought it was a rerun.

Mysterious ritual death, plug in “Probable Cause” from season five. Shadowy figures and what turns out to be just a game/scavenger hunt – that sounds like the season two finale “A Deadly Game.” Add in mysterious symbols and an Indiana Jones or National Treasure feel and you have the season two episode “Wrapped in Death.”

It happens. I understand. A show gets on in years and plots reinvent themselves with name changes and a few tweaks. Add to the fact that Kate Beckett hasn’t worn her engagement ring for two straight episodes and fans could plug this episode into season three and never miss a beat.

The line about Richard Castle imagining taking Kate Beckett to the alter, but not like this, is probably the only line that would have to change for this to be a previous season episode.

This was basically shoddy writing by a Castle writer, Christine Roum, who doesn’t know how to write Castle and Beckett as a couple.

Another distressing scene is when Castle is distraught because his ungrateful daughter has moved in with her boyfriend of less than two months, and all Beckett can say as he is leaving the precinct for the night, is I will come back later and cheer you up? Fans didn’t even see her stop by his place.

And let’s talk about Castle’s place. Beckett moves to D.C. with every intention of making it work. Before she got fired by the FBI, Castle even bought them a place to share in the new city she is working in. Yet, when Beckett moves back to New York and gets her job back at the NYPD, she mysteriously has her own apartment in NY. Did she keep her apartment in New York? If so, was she paying rent on two places? D.C. and New York are both high dollar places to live. Is working for the federal government that lucrative? If she is engaged to Castle, why hasn’t she moved in with him yet?

Valid questions many fans are asking and filed under shoddy continuity.

The case, as stated above, was really ho-hum. The victim is found laid out in a ritualistic manor in an ally. Pepper in a mysterious monk, a role playing treasure hunt to supposedly raise funds for a New York historical society and the woman’s cousin, who was her only family, and you have the suspects.

The guy who set up the historical scavenger hunt was the red herring suspect – turns out it was the woman’s cousin. The victim and her cousin were descendants of an American Revolution era Founding Father, Theodore Rose, who carried with him the lore of a hidden treasure. The woman found out the treasure was real and discovered where it was hidden and intended to give it away. So the cousin killed her because he needed the money. As Richard Castle has stated before, it is always about money, revenge, or sex, and this case was no different.

Lest we forget the whole B-story with Castle’s daughter Alexis moving out with her disgusting boyfriend Pi. Why does Alexis and her issues have to be the B-story? Who really cares? We know Castle cares because he sees she is making a huge mistake and tries to offer his advice. Alexis is being very disrespectful spouting that she is an adult and that he should accept her decision. Here is a bit of advice Alexis, if you have to proclaim you’re an adult, you aren’t one.

How about, instead of Castle pouting about his daughter moving out, he has some testicular fortitude to cut his high and mighty daughter off from his monetary support. Let’s see how nice her apartment is without her daddy’s money and what she will do if she has to pay for her own tuition.

Why is Alexis being such spoiled brat? In the end it is revealed that Alexis is upset she learned about Castle and Beckett’s engagement from Martha while in Costa Rica. Should Castle have been the one to tell her? Yes he should have. Add to that, Martha should have kept her mouth shut and let Castle share the news to his daughter. Just like Castle and Beckett have had to struggle with communication problems, it seems Castle and Alexis are struggling through the same issues.

But in the end, does the audience really care Alexis is upset she found out about Castle’s engagement over the phone? Personally, I don’t. What I do care about is we are back to the season five scenario of portraying Castle and Beckett like they aren’t even a couple. What makes it even worse is now they aren’t just dating – they are engaged and no one can even tell.

If I could pull Beckett aside and say one thing to her it would be – WEAR YOUR ENGAGEMENT RING!!!

Back-to-back Castle episodes that have been sub-par or horrid really stymie the strong start to season six. Let’s hope we get past this snooze fest of an Alexis arch after the November 4th episode and get back to the quality fans enjoyed from the first four episodes of season six.

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