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Castle 6×05 “Time Will Tell” Recap


Castle’s episode “Time Will Tell” deals with the future – from the murder suspect thinking he is a time traveler, Alexis plotting her future by moving in with Pi to Richard Castle and Kate Beckett continuing to realize their engagement is a fun phase in their lives but there is still a lot to discuss in regards to their future.

The victim this week really died in a gruesome manner – tortured and her throat slit. Wow, that was a lot of blood. Oh and how would you like to come home and try to get into your apartment only to have some guy bump into you, leaving bloody handprints on your shirt?

Big applause for Castle finally growing some balls and addressing the Pi situation, because letting that freeloader sleep on his couch for a month was 29 days too long. Guess it took him stepping on a belt, thanks to Pi’s belongings being strewn all over Castle’s loft, to get him to address the situation with Alexis.

Ah, Alexis. She used to be a relevant character – showing Castle wasn’t a vapid playboy and self-absorbed in only his needs. In the first four seasons, Alexis was used to show Castle was a caring, loving father, showing Beckett his humanity. Now Alexis is just a scene-sucking useless character. There is way too much time being spent on this boring storyline. If the writers want to show Alexis is having issues with her father’s engagement, then devote a few minutes in an episode, not a whole story-arc.

The only good thing about this plotline with Alexis is that it got Castle and Beckett back to their typical walk and talk about an Alexis situation while on the way to a crime scene. It also set up a very touching moment between Castle and Beckett in the break room later in the episode.

Castle was talking to Alexis, trying to talk her out of moving in with Pi, when she hung up on him. It really bothered Castle and he lamented about when Alexis was a little girl, and how he would love to go back in time to relive some of those moments. Beckett’s comments that Alexis may be growing up, but there was so much for Castle to look forward to in Alexis’ future as well as in theirs, was played for a small scene but it spoke volumes.

Just listening to Beckett and taking her comments as is would look like Beckett was just trying to soothe Castle, but it also seemed his comment hurt a bit. Sure, Castle’s daughter was growing up but his future included a life with Beckett and possibly children with her – allowing him to eventually relive all those fun times with a small child.

Speaking of the future, the murder suspect, Simon Doyle, is apprehended after Castle, Beckett, Esposito and Ryan realize he spent time in a psych ward. This allows Beckett to entertain the belief that the suspect is mentally unstable when he rattles on futuristic jargon and claims he is from the future.

Though there were gems in the episode and interesting moments, the convoluted story kind of lost me. The talk of time travel, energy crisis and a global energy conference had me half-expecting Fringe’s FBI agent Olivia Dunham along with Peter and Walter Bishop to show up. Too soon after Beckett being fired? Maybe but this episode could have used some help from Fringe Division.

The episode had a list of unexplained events including Simon Doyle disappearing from holding. Beckett blamed misplaced paperwork by a desk monkey.  Castle is still holding on to his theory about time travel.

Evidence leads Castle and Beckett to an ex-con named Garrett Ward who has a penchant for violence and being tight-lipped. He was recently released from prison but used to live at an abandoned power plant. Castle wants a statement in his and Beckett’s vows about following each other into creepy places – great line.

In the abandoned building another suspect gets the drop on Beckett, get back in the gym Beckett, and she is knocked out. Castle tries to stop Ward and is being strangled by him but Simon Doyle shows up and Ward runs off.

Here is where things get interesting. Doyle continues to try and convince Castle and Beckett he is from the future even slipping to them they are married in the future. Castle wants to know how Doyle knows they are married when Doyle says he read the following on the back of one of Castle’s books: Richard Castle lives in New York with his wife Senator Beckett and their three children.

Wait, Senator Beckett and three children? Castle is shocked Beckett is a senator. Beckett is shocked about three children.

Ward is caught when Castle and Beckett discover a young college student was targeted by him because he thwarted the man’s attempt to bomb an energy conference a few years back. The young student, according to Doyle, is a key figure in creating new energy in the future and he decided to go into the field after sending a letter to the first victim’s step brother. He was using a letter the young man sent, years before, to discover who he was. The shadowy guy is caught but never says a word while Beckett is interrogating him.

See, a convoluted story line.

Doyle passes the psych evaluation and is released to Beckett’s disbelief. As he leaves he forgets an object that he tells Castle and Beckett is from the future. Castle tries to chase him down to give it back to him but as Castle rounds the corner he is gone.

A stunned Castle walks back to Beckett in a daze. Was Doyle telling the truth? Was he really a time traveler? If so, does that mean what he was saying about his and Beckett’s future the truth?

All Beckett wants to do is go home and take a warm bath sending Castle off with a kiss on the cheek. Cleaning up papers from the case, Beckett spills coffee on the letter the young boy sent. Looking up, Beckett sees the once pristine letter now bears the same coffee stains as the picture of the letter the man she just charged with murder had a photo of.

How did that happen?

What I have always liked about the show is in all their previous cases the unexplained was eventually explained. I am not sure how I felt about this paranormal twist. All I know is that Alexis is moving out of Castle’s loft, Beckett might be moving in and three little Castle babies are possibly in Castle and Beckett’s future. If that comes to pass I can accept a little paranormal.

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