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Brooklyn Nine-Nine 1×06 “Halloween” Recap


By Tim O’Halloran

First off, some good news for all you BK99 fans!

FOX has ordered a full season, and has given it a time-slot right after the Superbowl along with New Girl. This is all great news for the show and is a great vote of confidence from FOX. Alright, lets get into it…

At the 99th Precinct, it’s Halloween time. Everyone, minus Charles, pretty much hates the holiday. It just means more drunk people in weird costumes. Jake is already upset that he’s having to split up a pair dressed as Kim Jong-Un and Hillary Clinton who won’t stop making out in the holding cell. The Captain gives Amy and Charles costume duty. Charles, in his Mario Batali costume, couldn’t be more excited.

The main storyline of the show comes in the form of a bet. Jake bets Captain Holt that he’d be an amazing criminal. Holt feels that he would 100% be caught with almost no effort. So, therein lies the bet. Jake has to steal Holt’s medal of valor from his office or he has to work the next five weekends. If Jake wins, then Holt has to do all of Jake’s paperwork and say that Jake is, “an amazing detective and a genius”. The game is afoot.

Terry and Rosa are working on catching a man dressed as the royal baby. Rosa reveals that she once went to Catholic school, which sparks Terry to go on a mission to try and crack Rosa’s rough exterior some and learn more about her.

Meanwhile, Charles and Amy are out patrolling the streets. Amy tries to stop a Raggedy Ann for an open container offense, but everyone turns on them and starts egging them.

Jake makes a go at getting Gina to help him steal the medal. His first attempt is by going through the ceiling. Holt is tipped off by a shower of dust from the ceiling tiles. He then puts his medal inside his safe, which is inside a locked cabinet, and the key to the cabinet is always on him. The ante has been thoroughly upped. Jake ultimately falls through the ceiling. Try number one is a fail.

At the lineup of royal babies, Terry keeps questioning Rosa about her time in Catholic school and why she got kicked out. He keeps taking guesses and Rosa just keeps telling him that it’s “worse” than what he’s suggesting. Apparently even worse than burning down a church.

Jake’s second attempt is by dressing up as a janitor. Again, the Captain catches him easily. He can’t even get his trash can fire diversion to go off properly. Time is running out on his bet.

At the warehouse party, Amy is still having zero fun. Charles is in Halloween heaven, though. They spot some drugs being sold out on the dance floor and go in. Amy goes down to the floor to search for them and is crawling through anything and everything sticky. The coup de grace is having a drink that is both “hot and cold” spilled on her.

Back at the precinct, Holt is working on some paperwork when feathers start flying in. He goes to find Jake holding three live pigeons near the AC vent.

Amy and Charles are back at the station. Well, Charles thinks it’s Amy but it turns out she paid Scully (Joel McKinnon Miller) to take her spot. Charles is upset with Amy because she bailed on him. Charles was really hoping to bond with Amy through their trials of dealing with the horrible city together.

Jake creates an elaborate diversion by using the guys from the royal baby lineup. He choreographs a dance where he steals the key chain and all the royal babies have similar keys as well. Unfortunately, Holt finds Jake almost immediately.

Terry reveals to Rosa that he called her old school. He found out that she was an amazing student and everyone loved her. She tells Terry that she was a great dancer and transferred out to go to ballet school. Terry couldn’t be more excited to have broken through to Rosa’s softer side. Rosa threatens to beat his face in if he tells, but Terry just shakes it off saying how soft she is.

In Jake’s penultimate attempt to steal the medal, he is caught and arrested for scaling the precinct with a blowtorch… or was he? TWIST!

Turns out that ever since the janitor attempt he had enlisted the entire precinct to help him get into that safe. He even had time to “flirt hard” with a girl dressed as a sexy robot. Just as he finishes his story, Charles is at the door to the interrogation room with the medal. Jake has won.

He convinced them to help by promising to do all their paperwork, which due to the bet, is now Holt’s paperwork.

The episode winds down to a close with everyone meeting for a Halloween party to cheer up Charles and so Amy can apologize. We also find out why Rosa was kicked out of ballet school. She just couldn’t help but beat up the other dancers.

I really enjoyed this episode. We got to see everyone work together, which is really where this show shines. The ensemble is fantastic. I think playing the Rosa story as the C-story was smart. Letting her come out of her cage little bits at a time makes her a much more dynamic character.

The only real gripe I had was wishing they would have developed the Charles and Amy story a bit more. We only got to see two instances of them dealing with unruly Halloween revelers.

But overall it was another fantastic episode.

Memorable Quotes

Gina: “What’s got you down little clown?”

Jake: “What does your skin taste like?”
Gina: “Dina Lohan.”

Jake: “Well, if we’re talking about who’s holding more birds, I’m winning.”

Rating: A