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America’s Next Top Model 20×13 “The Girl Who Gets Kissed On An Elephant” Recap


Eliminations from the previous episode came and gone, and now this episode, “The Girl Who Gets Kissed On An Elephant,” delivered an emotionally-charged second day in Bali.

Upon their return home that night, the contestants decided to all collapse in the same room and meditate/reflect for a bit. Marvin, on the other hand, was so affected by Don’s leave that he had to retreat outside to release some built-up stress. The poor boy sat on the wonderfully comfy bed situated outside of the house and cried into one of the pillows.

Meanwhile, there’s a huge personal relationship-detail that I failed to mention, which has indeed blossomed in the past couple of episodes. Marvin and Renee have certainly developed some sort of relationship, “title” aside, thus prompting Renee to want to comfort him. However, she claimed she rarely sees guys cry so at that point, she was clueless on how to react to Marvin’s blatant emotions.

Soon after Renee was seen talking about Marvin, Tyra crept up to the house for a nice surprise visit. It managed to shock the contestants, however, also bringing them personally closer to her. This episode was certainly a barer of emotions. They all opened up to Tyra about their feelings so far in the competition and Cory especially expressed his utmost gratitude to her for being such a wonderful adviser and role model.

Unfortunately, one individual, Chris H., is once again feeling ostracized from everyone, yet according to his fellow contestants, seems to constantly contradict his words. They all claim he tends to play the victim card when Tyra is around, but is rather a horrible person. Revelations came out while confusion and frustration floated about the air. Once Tyra left, Jourdan, Renee and Cory were seen on the outside bed, talking about Chris H. They saw Nina in the house and called her out. Nina basically got a scolding from them as they know Chris H. doesn’t seem to reciprocate the same respect she gives him. At that point, they advised her to take care of herself from there on, out. As per usual, Nina was left in apprehension despite her fellow contestants warnings.

The following day, they head to the photo shoot for a clothing line designed by a deaf nine-year-old protégé named Rafi and one of Indonesia’s top designers, Oka. Aesthetically, the clothes emit this very rural vibe, consisting of interesting drapery among a variety of green-colored materials and fabrics in order to emulate nature and the ambiance of Bali’s gorgeous environment.

Considering she was on-set of the shoot, Tyra connected again with her contestants by providing them with her make-up services while giving feedback on their posing plans. Sadly, some of them could not deliver once they got in front of that camera.

Jourdan did well, but according to the photographer, she still needs work on knowing her body angles. For Renee, as beautiful as she looked, her face didn’t translate on the film this time around — it had fallen flat. Nina still struggled with her angles too, although she tried to do the same poses she did for Tyra prior to going in front of the camera. Marvin did surprisingly well, but had mentioned after meeting one of the line’s designers, Rafi, had been especially inspired by the kid and Tyra’s words of encouragement. Cory impressed Wujek and the photographer with his growth as a model. Jeremy was mediocre, yet still needed to work on knowing his angles and having range in his face. And lastly, Chris H. became frustrated with the clothes and his surroundings, which in turn affected the reactions he received from Wujek and the photographer. His emotions got the best of him, again.

When everyone’s photos were taken, Tyra had a surprise for them — NO CHALLENGE THIS WEEK! Rather, she had them go on their own Bali adventure, something she dubbed as “soul time.” Naturally, they all were extremely excited for the break, yet this would mean the chosen photos would have to be smashing. Despite nerves escalating, they all agreed “soul time” was necessary.

They all left the photo shoot to play with monkeys and get “spiritual healing.”

Next thing you know they meet up with elephants and end up riding them. It was technically two people per elephant, but as usual, Chris H. ended up solo and at the end of the elephant “train.” They were all aflutter with excitement while atop these beautiful creatures. As they rode these elephants, Cory was shown yelling back towards Marvin and Renee, who were riding together, to kiss. This managed to get everyone else riled up in chanting, “KISS! KISS!” Renee was initially uncertain, but as soon as Marvin looks at her, trying to explain how he doesn’t want to hide whatever their relationship is anymore, she gave in. Oh my, were the reactions a hoot!

And that concludes their second day in Bali. The next day was another judgement day and this time, two less contestants.

At panel, Jourdan managed to steal best photo again, which went against the opinions of this week’s photographer. Renee was assuredly stunning in her photo, but lost the connection in her face. Nina got lost in translation as Tyra noticed that her pose wasn’t what she was shown the day before at the shoot. Jeremy was given contradictory feedback, with Evans telling him he’s more suited for commercial work while Tyra argued that his face is too beautiful for being one-note commercial. Everyone agreed he still needs to work on his angles because of his different proportions. Tyra even added that his body proportions could use work, too, as he has too much bulk, which at this point, hasn’t translated well on camera. Cory’s photo received praise from Tyra and Cutrone, but Evans felt it was too high-fashion for its surroundings. According to Tyra and Cutrone, Marvin’s photo showed definite improvement, yet Evans felt it may have been too posed, too. And when Chris H.’s photo came on screen, Evans noted how it was better than Marvin’s in the sense that it didn’t feel contrived. He said it looked more natural. The other two disagreed. Seriously, the dissension among the judges gets quite amusing.

Because there was no challenge this week, their scores rested on top of social media alongside the judges’ ratings. In the end, the bottom three were Chris. H., Nina and Jeremy. Everyone’s favorite girl Nina eventually got the first boot, which prompted Chris H. to tightly embrace her and whisper in her ear how sorry he was and that he’d win it for her. We also were shown the other contestants, especially Cory, crying for Nina’s impending departure. Secondly, it was the end of the road for Jeremy. Poor poster boy Jeremy. Both comebacks end up going back. Well, I guess it’s time for him to look in the mirror and get leaner!

Until next time, sound off below if you have something to say about this week’s results!

Written by: Angelica Consuelo Valera