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America’s Next Top Model 20×12 “The Guy Who Has A Panic Attack” Recap


Bali, here we come!

In this episode of America’s Next Top Model, the top 8 contestants travel to Bali. But before that, there was some slight reflection on the last elimination. Jordan spoke about how annoying it was that two more people came back instead of one. Nina talked about how awkward it was that one of her closest friends in the competition, Chris H., was so close to being kicked off. And the boys talked about how they feel a guy is going to take it all in the end.

Right after reflection occurred, we are directed to the contestants packing excitedly and conversing about how awesome Bali would be — a few even expressed that this trip would be their first one ever out of state, especially for Marvin and Jourdan.

When they arrived, they walked through the airport, all smiles and eagerly anticipated what the country had to offer. Renee mentioned that Bali is totally her because the humidity reflects the environment and culture she’s accustomed to, then it cuts to her boarding the bus with a more competitive attitude.

Once on the bus to their destination, the contestants looked out their windows, fascinated by the completely different environment and culture they have just been immersed into. You then have Cory talking about how sheltered Jourdan sounds because she’s so blatantly culture-shocked. He even mocked her behavior in L.A. due to her naivety.

When they reached their destination, Wujek and Evans appeared alongside some beautifully-dressed Bali women, who performed a welcome dance for the contestants. Naturally, young Marvin and Don couldn’t help but note how beautiful the women were and how they could get used to the place. What can you say… boys will be boys. Surely, if they were hot guys instead of women, the reaction wouldn’t be much different.

Wujek and Evans then announced for the contestants to bask in the ambiance of their new location and settle into their humble Bali abode. Of course, once they enter the new house, they all freaked out and shrieked about how beautiful it was — even Nina, the new Tyra-suite occupant — screamed when she found the room and couldn’t help but act like a fat kid eating chocolate cake. She jumped on the bed and elatedly kicked her feet and legs. It was actually quite adorable. I certainly don’t blame her for that reaction. They all couldn’t help but agree that this was one of the most beautiful houses they’ve ever seen and been in.

After getting settled down and basking in the beauty of their new home, they headed to their next challenge, which had them doing runway under the water. They had to model a new swim wear line, and naturally, some did better than others. In order to complete the challenge safely, they all wore fishbowl-type helmets to breathe properly while walking the “runway.”

Nina revealed that she had a health issue regarding her lungs, which would deter her from completing the challenge in the same way as the others. Don took everyone by surprise when he divulged his post-traumatic stress disorder. Unfortunately, he couldn’t do the challenge either.

As soon as he was submerged under the water and started to walk, he just had to look up and notice that the boat disappeared from sight. BAM! He panicked and had to resurface. In order to compensate, both had to use a snorkel in the water and pose. Sadly, neither of them impressed the designer nor Wujek.

Jordan and Renee stole the show again, and Chris H. did the best job out of the guys. Poor Jeremy and Marvin were still awkward. Overall, Renee brought the prize home.

Back at the house, their challenge scores are shown on the TV screen. They react, stress out, complain and then hope for the best at the photo shoot. What’s new, right?

Morning arrived and they head to their first Bali photo shoot with animals. They get there and Wujek greets them with a orangutan clutching to his shoulder. He explained that their photo shoot would have them emulating their assigned animals, with one animal assigned to two contestants.

Cory and Jourdan had the orangutan. Nina and Don had a yellow python. Jeremy and Renee had a baby cheetah. Marvin and Chris H. had two huge parrots.

Cory beat out Jordan this time around because his poses turned out more dynamic. Jourdan disappointingly fell flat. Both Nina and Don struggled with a restless python – neither could control the snake to keep it still. Renee went first, but her fear of the baby cheetah took over a bit more than it should’ve and affected her performance. Jeremy finally impressed Wujek with his animalistic attitude, and possibly produced better shots this week. And lastly, both Marvin and Chris H. produced static poses.

At panel, the chosen photos are so unpredictable. Nina, Don and Chris H.  — the ones ragged on during the shoot — had the best photos. Lucky them! Jeremy somehow slipped by because it was simply better than what he’s done prior. Evans noticed the improvement and offered him a higher score than Banks and Cutrone. Shocking!

Jourdan unfortunately produced a catalog photo, according to Banks. And the rest of the judges expected better from her, while “Baby Boy” Marvin frustrated the judges because of his spunky personality that somehow never seems to translate into his photos. He’s always coasting by.

Minutes later, the scores have been tallied and the results were in. That social media score has to be on point as it’s a total make or break it deal. In that case, Nina won best photo once more and the bottom two were Don and Marvin. But because Don’s social media scores dropped, he was sent home. Naturally, Marvin cried out of gratitude and sadness.

To end the episode on a bittersweet note, Don showered some love onto his “brother from another mother,” Marvin, before ending his run. ¡Adios, amigo!

Written by: Angelica Consuelo Valera