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5 Travel Itineraries for Your Favorite Fictional Locations

Sick of staycations? Consider the wide and wonderful world of imaginary travel.

While there are downsides to these types of getaways (e.g. the sheer impossibility involved), it’s hard to argue against itineraries that include hippogriff rides over the lush wilds of the Forbidden Forest, Misty Mountain hikes draped in wispy clouds, and dragon watching upon the shallow shores of the Narrow Sea.

So sit back and let your imagination sweep you away to the one travel agency to rule them all. Satisfaction is guaranteed — safety, unfortunately, is not.

Family Fun Is Coming

Destination: Westeros

Length: 6 Days, 5 Nights

Cost: The Iron Price (negotiable)

Trip Highlights:

  • Dinner and a thrilling jousting show at King’s Landing
  • Kayaking and inner tubing excursions down the Trident
  • Wall patrols with a real member of the Night’s Watch (ice climbing lesson optional!)
  • Dragon watching off the coast of Meereen

To reserve your trip, contact Petyr Littlefinger by raven.

My Precious Spring Break

Destination: Middle Earth

Length: 5 Days, 4 Nights

Cost: 300 Silver Farthings

Trip Highlights:

  • Bottomless pints at The Prancing Pony
  • Spa treatments at Lothlorien
  • Gentle hiking trips through the majestic backroads of the Misty Mountains
  • Nightly access to Balin’s Tomb, the hottest basement club in Moria

To reserve your trip, contact Peregrin Took by Palantir. 

Honeymoon on Fire

Destination: Panem

Length: TBD

Cost: 15 Tessere

Trip Highlights:

  • A reaping ceremony featuring you and your better half
  • Romantic weapons training with a Hunger Games’ victor
  • His and her styling sessions at the Capitol
  • Mandatory entry into the Hunger Games: Couples Edition

To reserve you trip, contact Effie Trinket by secret whistle.

Accio, Company Retreat!

Destination: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Length: 3 Days, 2 Nights

Cost: 10,000 Galleons

Trip Highlights:

  • Motivational talks led by Minerva McGonagall and Nearly Headless Nick
  • Team building exercises with temperamental hippogriffs and merpeople
  • Roomy accommodations at the Hufflepuff dormitory
  • Open bar at the Hog’s Head

To reserve your trip, contact Rubeus Hagrid by owl.

Girlfriends in Wonderland

Destination: Wonderland

Length: 2 Days, 1 Night

Cost: 2,000 Standard Playing Card Decks

Trip Highlights:

  • Wine and cake tasting down the rabbit hole
  • Complimentary fortune telling sessions with the mysterious and all-knowing Caterpillar
  • A mad tea party hosted by the Mad Hatter himself
  • Croquet games at the Queen of Hearts’ garden

To reserve your trip, contact the Cheshire Cat by Snapchat.

Written by: Hayley I.