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New Girl 3×02 “Nerd” Review


In this week’s episode of New Girl, titled “Nerd”, the Schmidt-Cece-Elizabeth saga continues, Jess struggles to make friends at her new job, and Winston takes care of Daisy’s cat.

Where to begin with this episode? First of all, I’m not loving Schmidt’s storyline. I think the writers could do a lot better, and I think we all know where this storyline is going to end, so why draw it out any more? Last week, we found out that Schmidt – instead of choosing between Cece and Elizabeth – decided he’d keep both women in the dark and juggle both relationships without either finding out about it.

This week it came close. With a guest appearance by Eva Amurri, who plays Schmidt’s workplace nemesis Beth, it became increasingly apparent that Schmidt doesn’t have the heart or the Don Draper-level skills to keep this charade up.

Personally, if I had to choose which girl Schmidt should end up with, it would be Elizabeth. We’ve seen Schmidt and Cece go back and forth, so we know what to expect with those two. Elizabeth, on the other hand, keeps Schmidt on his toes.

I fully expect Schmidt to end up with Cece, however. That’s always been the end goal on this show for Schmidt’s character. Unfortunately, his storyline isn’t fun to watch and Schmidt just comes across as unlikable. Why even go there, writers?

Meanwhile, Nick and Jess’ relationship is progressing quite nicely, to my surprise. There are a few cheesy moments sprinkled here and there, but for the most part Nick and Jess are fun to watch in this episode – individually and together. Nick tries to help Jess befriend the “cool” teachers clique by convincing herself to shed her “nerd” identity and become more of a Nick-esque party animal.

Of course, Jess gets carried away and her party animal persona lands her in a sticky situation. Nick is there to help her through it and, in the process, we see Nick actually maturing.

Finally, Winston ends up being the highlight of the episode yet again. He agrees to take care of Daisy’s (Brenda Song) cat, Ferguson, and although she agrees to becomes exclusive with him, it becomes obvious to both the viewers and Winston that she’s cheating on him. Winston’s idea for revenge – in typical Winston fashion – is to kill Daisy’s cat. “An eye for an eye. A cat for a cat.”

Winston and Daisy were never going to last, but Daisy’s not-so-fashionable exit was unexpected. Given her lack of screentime, Daisy never really developed into a full-fledged character that we could become invested in, unfortunately. I would have liked to see more Brenda Song.

In any case, it was fun to watch Winston struggle with himself to end the relationship. Ultimately, instead of killing Daisy’s cat, he decides to take it from her.



  • Winston’s face pretty much summed up my reaction to that “fun fact” about cats and Schmidt’s nipples. Weird!
  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Winston is the best part of every New Girl episode.
  • The “cool” teachers clique consisted of actors Angela Kinsey (The Office), Dreama Walker (Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23), and Mark Proksch (The Office). Hope to see more of them!
  • I’d like to see the writers come up with a storyline for Cece that doesn’t revolve around Schmidt.

Rating: B