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Katy Perry’s “Roar” Music Video

In the Tarzan-themed music video for “Roar,” a distraught Katy Perry and her hot male companion are lost in the jungle after a plane crash. When her happy-go-lucky companion gets attacked by a tiger, Katy is on her own.

Things look bleak, but she manages to quickly adapt to her surroundings à la Tom Hanks in Cast Away. Of course, Katy does it with way more style – using pomegranate juice for lip-gloss, for example.

Katy brings her comedic acting skills to the music video, making use of her big doe eyes and exaggerated facial expressions. The music video itself has the same cheesy quality to it as live-action The Flintstones. Fans of Katy Perry will no doubt love it.

Watch the music video below: