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Teen Wolf 3×12 “Lunar Eclipse” Recap

Warning: This post contains spoilers from the latest episode of Teen Wolf.


Let’s a take a look at the top ten moments from the mid-season finale, “Lunar Eclipse”!

1. Finding the Tree

Scott, Stiles, and Allison don’t spend long submerged underwater. They wake up in a netherworld that happens to look like the temporary Bat Cave from The Dark Knight. They’re then transported to the woods where they re-experience the night Scott was bitten.

Turns out, that’s where the tree has been the whole time. Full circle.

2. “It’s Just a Little Wind”

Papa Argent, Papa Stilinski, and Mama McCall are still tied up in the basement, feeling worried about their impending doom. However, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be coming by strangulation – no, the place will be torn apart by wind.


3. Questioned by the FBI

Scott, Isaac, and Allison head for Allison’s suite to gather supplies. However, Scott’s dad (the new FBI agent in town) is there and pesters them with questions. Thanks to quick thinking, Allison manages to set off a smoke bomb and the intrepid trio escape custody.

4. Jennifer, Badass Bitch

The Alphas head for Derek’s loft for some good, ass-kicking Derek fighting (they only find Lydia and Ethan on the scene). In one fell swoop, Jennifer arrives and takes out the remaining Alphas (Kali is killed and the twins are incapacitated) and advances on Lydia, who screams.

On the edge of town, Derek – former Alpha – and Cora (who are fleeing town because Peter told them to) hear her and turn back to help her out.

5. Stiles Is Taken Out of Commission

While on his way to meet up with Scott (who will then meet up with Deucalion) Stiles enters the mystical storm that’s destroying the root cellar. He manages to crash his car into a tree and goes AWOL for a good fifteen minutes.



6. The Alpha Twins are Too Resilient 

Unlike Kali, the twins seem to be allergic to death and recover from whatever broken body parts (spine, neck… not really sure here) Jennifer dealt them. They’re pretty badly off, so while Jennifer and Derek team up (under duress), Cora and Lydia cart the Alphas to the vet.

7. The Cellar

Allison and Isaac locate the cellar and untie the parents just in time to be fully attacked by the oncoming storm (that Jennifer is causing, naturally). The group huddles around trying to keep the room from caving in on itself, but it’s Stiles who appears for the last minute rescue, propping up a load bearing beam with his trusty baseball bat from an earlier episode. Everyone lives! Woo-hoo!

8. “Epic” Distillery Brawl

Scott, Deucalion, Derek, and Jennifer meet up and trade blows at the distillery. Multiple double crossings happen (in which Jennifer grants Deucalion his sight so he feels bad about royally fucking up her body), and Jennifer manages to fend off just about every single person she’s up against.

The lunar eclipse comes and passes without incident and she manages to seal herself in a circle of mountain ash. Cue Scott’s transformation into a true alpha: He breaks through the circle, leaving just enough time for Deucalion to finish Jennifer off by slitting her throat.



9. Breakfast Club Montage

Everyone is alive and happy, so Scott decides it’s time for an out-of-place (but enjoyable) closing montage. His dad is sticking around for (cue that one dude from Happy Endingsdraaaaaama! Also, Lydia and Aiden are apparently dating now, Ethan and Danny continue dating, and Isaac and Allison seem well on their way to dating.

That leaves Scott and Stiles alone for the second finale in a row.

10. But Wait, There’s More!

Unable to leave well enough alone, we’re graced with a closing scene that features a barely alive Jennifer crawling toward the tree that originally gave her powers.  She tries to use it to heal, but it’s having none of her shit.

Eventually Peter shows up, announces he never stopped being an alpha, and really-super-duper kills her this time. DUN-DUN-DUUUUUUUUN!


I was not too thrilled with this episode. While it wasn’t bad, it didn’t feel much like a finale. Instead, it felt like more of the same that we’ve gotten all season. It all came down to the same abandoned building fight the group has been having all season, except this episode just tacked on the ultimate villain defeat.

I guess Scott finally turning into an alpha was good, but it felt more like a “Finally!” moment than an epic, monumental one. Also, the writers kind of ignored the “show, not tell” rule of storytelling when it came to the Heart of Darkness stuff. The characters didn’t get a second to actually display any of that emotion – instead, we’re told about it in the final minutes of the episode.

Overall, I guess my dissatisfaction with the finale (and season overall) comes down to this: The climax of this finale was not good enough to justify all the wheel-spinning that led up to it.

Rating: B-

How did you guys feel about the episode? Are you salivating with anticipation for January 2014?

No more next episode previews for now, but here’s a steamy clip from the premiere of season 3B. Watch at your own risk!